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A TRUSTPILOT Review of CAT Driver Training

See original here Below you’ll find a copy of one of many excellent, 5-star reviews we receive through the TRUSTPILOT website. To book a session with Colin, contact us today on 01234 757 633 or email us at Driver improvement with a twist of engineering I booked two days with Colin with a clear […]

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Bringing Discipline & Self Control into Your Driver Skill Set

If you’ve ever been to IKEA, the chances are you’ve walked past that big Perspex box containing a recliner chair. There’s a big counter next to the chair and that’s measuring the number of compressions the robot makes as it imitates a person sitting down on it. Typically the counter is reading in the hundreds […]

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Tyre Pressures & Track Days – A Quick Guide

If you want to get the maximum enjoyment and best times on your track days, a simple and effective place to start (outside of your own driving technique) is by focusing on your tyres. More specifically – your tyre pressures. As you drive a circuit at speed, your tyres will increase in pressure.  Increased cornering […]

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Our top 5 tips for safe driving

There’s been a lot in the press recently about the progression of driverless cars and how they will virtually eliminate the possibility of accidents on the road in the future. We’re a few years away from that scenario, but even without it – the relentless progression of technology means that the cars we drive are […]

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A day with Colin Hoad and his company, CAT Driver Training.

I’m not a great driver, I’m barely average in fact but like many blokes, fast cars that outstrip my talent hold a strong and beguiling appeal. In 2012 I bought an M3 CSL; “a tricksy’d up, hunkered down road racer that’s come amongst us, shaved and spruced” as someone once said. The CSL’s a car […]

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