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A day with Colin Hoad and his company, CAT Driver Training.

I’m not a great driver, I’m barely average in fact but like many blokes, fast cars that outstrip my talent hold a strong and beguiling appeal. In 2012 I bought an M3 CSL; “a tricksy’d up, hunkered down road racer that’s come amongst us, shaved and spruced” as someone once said. The CSL’s a car […]

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Has the golden age of formula 1 seen the chequered flag?

As Formula 1 made it’s penultimate stop before the Summer break last weekend, I can’t help questioning whether I’m going to miss it. Last year, the Hungaroring produced what was arguably one of the best races of the season… neither Mercedes made it on to the podium and the race was packed with incidents… it […]

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Posts from our readers – That Competitive Streak

If you have an interest in cars / driving / motorsport and would like to write a future post for CAT Driver Training, get in touch today for more information at I always loved go-karting. I had a pedal kart as a kid, and drew race circuits in chalk on my parents’ driveway. A […]

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Are your wheels pointing in the right direction?

If you’re serious about racing and looking to get the absolute maximum out of your car on a track/race day, making sure your front wheels are pointing in the right direction would seem like an obvious thing to do. But the right direction doesn’t necessarily mean the same direction and in this short post we’ll […]

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Austin A35 HRDC Academy

Our Austin A35 Academy car has dipped its toe in the world of circuit racing. I thought it time for an update. We finished the build just in time for the final eligibility scrutineering session at Goodwood on the 29th of March. I say “we” as Easter came and went spent in my garage till […]

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