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Colin talks to TU Automotive about his view on the training legislation needed for CAV development

…under moments of duress, we need to be able to understand our own inputs, reflect on what we’re doing, and have a real-time understanding of what we’re doing, rather than just relying on instinct.

CAV Driver Training

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CAT Driver Training launch the world’s first Autonomous Driving Course

Training a car how to drive itself is no mean feat – considerations go way beyond the basic functionality of controlling the vehicle.

Driver training for CAV developers

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A customer recommendation in Total 911

…perhaps we should focus on the great cars we already have and invest in some training to help us enjoy them even more.

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A journalist & petrolhead view of advanced driver training

Few are born with the skill to maximise a car’s potential – most learn it through practice. This is where CAT Driver Training come into play.

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