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Defensive driving techniques that could save your life

Mention the term defensive driving and for many people, it conjures up an image of a man in a black suit and shades j-turning a limo with the president in whilst dodging a shower of bullets from an evil villain. But defensive driving isn’t just about pulling extreme manoeuvres in equally extreme situations. In fact, […]

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Limited slip differentials

Limited slip differentials – How do they work and why do I need to fit one for track days? If you’re a fan of motoring magazines and motorsport in general, you’ll very likely have come across the term limited slip differentials many times before. The chances are though, unless you’re seriously into your track days […]

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Winter tyres – You Decide

Winter tyres – an unnecessary expense or an essential part of the winter driving tool kit? Now I know that it seems like only yesterday that I was writing about the hot weather and the effects of dehydration on your driving ability, but to coin a phrase from a popular TV programme – winter is […]

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The effects of dehydration on driving ability.

As I am writing this, it’s a barmy 27 degrees and I know in some parts of the country it’s even hotter. But the hottest place in the country on a day like today, is not in any specific geographic location, it’s in your car. Of course, most modern-day cars are fitted with air conditioning […]

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Considerations for Wet Track Days

Wet weather driving opens up a whole new world of risk for the ordinary road driver leading to lower speeds, greater stopping distances and reduced visibility. But what about if you’ve chosen this day for a trip to the track? Can you simply transfer your wet weather road driving skills or are there other things […]

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It’s all in the clutch…

Outside of “Mr Clutch” you’ll be hard pressed to find a person, or group of people that spend a great deal of time thinking about that ‘thing’ typically operated by the pedal underneath your left foot that makes gear change possible. But clutches are an integral part of most vehicles (even those with an automatic […]

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10 Essential Things You Need to Take on a Track Day

You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks and today’s the day. You’re off to the track to embrace the racer within. Hopefully you’ll learn some new skills, improve your existing ones, have some fun and above all, come away without incident. But wouldn’t it be a shame if just 5 minutes into your much […]

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