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Publication: Total Magazine Article 2008 Let me ask you a question. How many times on the road or circuit have you attempted to drive through a corner describing the correct line, but only turning the steering wheel once? Turning the wheel at the entry to the corner and holding the wheel on the described radius […]

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Through the CAT’s Eyes

The beginnings of a strong relationship 2008 has been a great year for CAT Driver Training. Track and circuit tuition, our core business, has developed beyond our projections for the year – Millbrook now feels like my second home. A percentage of our accelerated growth is down to our association with the MLR. Our first […]

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Dissecting the Corner & Grip Limit Signals

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 Our last article found us exploring the concept of single input steering – minimising driver control inputs to optimise tyre slip angles. We discussed best practice techniques, minimising weight transfer through the platform of the vehicle, maximising the available grip from the tyre through a corner at speed. So how […]

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Threshold Braking

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 The last area covered by Colin Hoad dealt with a systematic approach to cornering, exploring how subtle adjustments in our technique can have big gains in speed and safety on circuit. He also explained how to interpret the audible and physical “Grip Limit” signals a vehicle communicates to us, as […]

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Active Driver Aids

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 Last issue Colin Hoad of CAT Driver Training covered Threshold and ABS braking techniques, discussing how small adjustments to your road braking technique can pay big dividends once out on circuit. Over the last three issues we have focused our learning in the core skills required to drive safely and […]

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Threshold Braking – Trail Braking

An MLR Performance Driver ‘Track’ Day at Millbrook begins with an ABS braking exercise. Braking from high speed with the ABS activated allows the driver to brake and steer to avoid a hazard. ABS is a safety aid. It allows the wheel to remain rotating throughout the emergency braking and steering phase, as opposed to […]

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Tyres and Tyre Pressures – Adjusting for track days

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 Over previous issues we have been focusing on driving technique – relating our driving inputs to the dynamic loading of the vehicles platform as we drive on a circuit. Let’s take a more polarised look at the tyres we use and how we can optimise their grip with the tarmac. […]

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Corner Entry Speed

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 The summer is a busy time for us at CAT, lots of track day and race tuition. With the benefit of longer evenings and the hope of nicer weather the diary is always full. The motor racing calendar at this time of year is in full swing, championships are taking […]

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Have you ever considered where you are looking when driving on circuit? I am looking at the road ahead I hear you all shout, the answer is obvious! ….. or is it? Those members who have trained with us will have experienced the exercises and coaching techniques that raise your awareness of the importance of […]

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