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Track Day Noise Limit Guide

From my earliest memories, the noise of a sports car has excited me and driven my passion for driving. Sadly for us petrolheads, noise pollution has become a hot topic. For this reason, UK circuits operate strict noise management policies, which vary by circuit and often by day. If you are planning your first track […]

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From Club Day to Track Days

This is the 3rd in our series of customer stories, where we look at some of the inspirational journeys our customers go through on their way to becoming advanced drivers. You’ll remember that in our first customer story, we focused on former Motorbike racer Stef and his journey from track days in a BMW M4 […]

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The effects of dehydration on driving ability.

As I am writing this, it’s a barmy 27 degrees and I know in some parts of the country it’s even hotter. But the hottest place in the country on a day like today, is not in any specific geographic location, it’s in your car. Of course, most modern-day cars are fitted with air conditioning […]

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10 Essential Things You Need to Take on a Track Day

You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks and today’s the day. You’re off to the track to embrace the racer within. Hopefully you’ll learn some new skills, improve your existing ones, have some fun and above all, come away without incident. But wouldn’t it be a shame if just 5 minutes into your much […]

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Everything you need to know about brakes and track days

If you’re even slightly into cars, automotive engineering, track days or motor racing – you’ll know that not all brake systems on cars are created equal. But there’s far more to good brake performance than your choice of discs and pads. In this article, we’re going to explore how you can get the very best […]

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Tyre Pressure Track Day Guide

If you want to get the maximum enjoyment and best times on your track days, a simple and effective place to start (outside of your own driving technique) is by focusing on your tyres. More specifically – your tyre pressures. As you drive a circuit at speed, your tyres will increase in pressure.  Increased cornering […]

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