Insurance plays a vital part of our everyday lives, protecting us from the risks faced in business and for pleasure. Using your vehicle with CAT Driver Training:Due to the nature of the Millbrook Proving Ground – a motor industry testing facility – there is no insurance provided on circuit (see: FAQ’s) and you will need to sign a Disclaimer acknowledging this is the situation.

Here’s the overview on the companies we know are able to provide quotations for vehicle insurance at Millbrook:

track insurance for CAT Driver TrainingRyan Motorsport have their head office in the City of London and have immediate access to a substantial number of Lloyd’s and company market Insurers providing a diverse range of insurance products. These products include but are not limited to  – On Track for race cars, On Event for rally cars, Storage and Transit, Liability, Personal Accident, event cancellation and abandonment, and general commercial. These products provide an insurance solution for Drivers, Teams, Circuits, and Organisations that sometimes find it difficult to secure a policy from Insurers who are not keen on a motorsport connection.

Their Track Day Insurance category will quote for our training activities at Millbrook Proving Ground.

They do all they can to accommodate all types of risks, please contact the Ryan Motorsport Team to discuss your needs 01799 524202.

Our driver training courses are also recognised by:

driver training insurance discount via CAT Driver Training

With its strong links to performance car clubs and driver training initiatives, Adrian Flux have teamed up with CAT Driver Training. For those that have taken the step to improve their driving be given a very significant discount:- our clients will receive up to 15% discount off their premiums through Adrian Flux.

sky insuranceSky Insurance’s target market is the car enthusiast, specialising in policies for members of car clubs and owners of Japanese Import/Modified or Performance cars. Sky Insurance believe that anyone who puts the time and effort into looking after or modifying their ‘pride and joy’ is a lower risk than your average driver. We are very happy to offer up to a 20% discount to qualified CAT Driver Training customers. Please check with the CAT office (01234 757633) for the correct procedure to apply for your quotation.

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