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Road Academy

Learn how the road will affect your cars handling, remove the unpredictable & master advanced braking & steering techniques.

Be one of the most comprehensively developed drivers on the road with our client centred driver programme & protect your investment with the help of our resident experts.

For many, your car is your pride & joy & may be a serious investment, a realised childhood dream, a long saved for purchase, or first ever performance, track or supercar.

Our Driving Academy Programme incorporates unique content & delivery from our world of advanced dynamic driving, performance cars & vehicle engineering. 

Intelligently designed by the Experts, there is no equal in the UK driver training arena.

Benefit from our game changing driver pathway: enjoy the complete driving academy, or just one day – it’s your choice.


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Our Courses

  • Stand Alone Course

Cat Road L1

Advanced Driver Training

  • Comprehensive driving dynamics knowledge
  • Advance driving aptitude
  • Develop safety & control
  • Protect your investment
  • Reduce driving risk
  • Prioritise safety every journey
  • Increase driving enjoyment
  • Know the WHY to understand the HOW
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  • Stand Alone Course

Cat Road L2

Best Seller

Advanced Control

  • Performance braking techniques
  • Observation at speed
  • Safe progressive driving with pace
  • Life saving avoidance manoeuvres
  • Advanced cornering techniques
  • Safety & control
  • Comprehensive driving dynamics knowledge
  • Investment protection
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Dynamic duo
  • Stand Alone Course

Cat Road L3

Best Seller

Advanced performance

  • Progressive, safe & dynamic driving for any road, driving holiday, driving tour, Autobahn or Sunday drive out
  • Explore skid control
  • Braking techniques for all weather & road conditions
  • High speed vehicle management
  • Advanced cornering techniques
  • Understand your vehicles driving dynamic DNA with the only independent qualified dynamic experts
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Dynamic duo
  • Stand Alone Course

Cat Road L4


  • Master skid recovery techniques
  • Feel safe on any road in any weather condition
  • Go beyond your comfort zone
  • Explore beyond grip limit
  • Maximise safety & confidence
  • Learn prediction tools
  • Master Understeer
  • Master Oversteer
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Cat Road L5


  • Elevate your driving dynamic knowledge & advanced technique
  • Know how the road will affect your cars dynamic handling
  • Remove the unpredictable & uncomfortable
  • Explore how tarmac variations & topography affects safety & stability
  • Master advanced braking & steering techniques
  • Drive with absolute & finite precision
  • Gain your Sixth Sense
  • Be as One with your car & the road you're driving
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Cat Road L6

Advanced Control Master

  • Set your content from CATs 42-point plan
  • Optimise dynamic settings
  • Progress to driving dynamic mastery
  • Advanced & defensive driving techniques to professional standards
  • Embed the 5 phases of "System"
  • Reduce driving risk on any road
  • Bring all your learning together from your 6 day Road Academy Programme
  • Be one of the most comprehensively developed drivers on the road
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Track Academy

Discover how to construct a safe, fast efficient lap by understanding the WHY as well as learning the HOW.

Understand how to manipulate speed & tyre grip, to influence & create safe, confident, progressive driving on track.

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Race Academy

Motorsport is about a series of 1% improvements each & every time you get behind the wheel.

Find enough of them & you will be quicker.

It is not only about what you do behind the wheel, it is about knowing WHY you do it.

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