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Race Academy

Motorsport is about a series of 1% improvements each & every time you get behind the wheel. 

Find enough of them & you will be quicker.

It is not only about what you do behind the wheel, it is about knowing WHY you do it ….

It’s a life quest, an art form & has many components.

To drive at the envelope of grip is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Many can teach you how to race: perform under stress; get around the circuit; the lines to take; when & how much to accelerate.  Very few have the knowledge to teach you how to optimise your driving of the car: it’s dynamic nuances; & optimising tyre grip for the complete lap.

Our Race Academy brings genuine vehicle dynamics knowledge & motorsport experience, optimising machine & human performance.  Fusing together for proven faster laps & competitive runs.

Elevate yourself above the competition & realise your motorsport ambitions - benefit from our game changing race driver pathway, or just one day - it's your choice.

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Our Courses

Dynamic duo
  • Stand Alone Course

Cat Race L1

Best Seller

Performance Driver

  • Reduce lap/stage times
  • Optimise speed & efficiency
  • Find your competitive edge
  • Find all those 1%'s
  • Optimise tyre grip in corners
  • Discover how emotional state influences lap times & confidence
  • Know the WHY to understand the HOW
  • Develop consistency
Dynamic duo

Cat Race L2

Best Seller

Optimisation Course

  • Understand your race dynamic platform
  • Optimise speed, safety & lap time
  • Understand the fastest line & WHY
  • Learn how to adjust a vehicle platform to match your racing style
  • Advance trail braking, left foot braking, heel & toe & reference point technique
  • Examine/dissect every type of corner
  • Consistency is King - lap times within 0.3 second
  • Stand Alone Course

Cat Race L3

Best Seller

Over Grip Limit Car Control

  • Safety critical dynamic driving exercises
  • Go beyond your comfort zone
  • Explore beyond grip limit
  • Over grip limit recovery techniques
  • Safety critical observational techniques
  • Trail braking vs. vehicle rotation
  • Complete your competitive edge
  • Confirm confidence beyond the limit of adhesion

Cat Race L4

Grip Limit for Competition

  • Find confidence & comfort at & beyond the limit of adhesion
  • Mastery of tyre & vehicle management
  • Steering & Braking - optimise every corner
  • Create/embed mental maps in your neural networks
  • Hone pathways in your brain & on the tarmac
  • Explore emotional management skills against the clock
  • Understand the HOW & WHY vehicles behave when grip is finite
  • Become comfortable being uncomfortable

Cat Race L5

Confidence at Grip Limit - Circuit Preparation

  • Read the circuit for lap time reduction
  • Mind management at high speed
  • Incorporate heel & toe with trail braking
  • Circuit steering techniques for the fastest line
  • Balance control inputs with platform balance & speed
  • Precision driving for minimised weight transfer & the shortest corner
  • Consistent repeatable laps at the limit of adhesion

Cat Race L6

Ready - Circuit Day

  • Race specific objectives - novice to seasoned
  • Warm up cycles & tyre management including slicks
  • Emotional management & self optimisation
  • Vehicle behaviour evaluation
  • Harmonise driver, car & circuit
  • VBox analysis
  • Use of kerbs
  • Construct safe efficient optimised repeatable laps

Road Academy

Learn how the road will affect your cars handling, remove the unpredictable & master advanced braking & steering techniques.

Be one of the most comprehensively developed drivers on the road with our client centred driver programme & protect your investment with the help of our resident experts.

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Track Academy

Discover how to construct a safe, fast efficient lap by understanding the WHY as well as learning the HOW.

Understand how to manipulate speed & tyre grip, to influence & create safe, confident, progressive driving on track.

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