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Unrivalled in course content and personalisation, in 2005, CAT redefined the driver training and coaching experience. Intelligently designed, our training delivers maximum enjoyment and safety – over 5,460 clients agree.

Individuals learn in different styles – some of us are visual, others by hearing, do you prefer reading or are you kinaesthetic? As expert qualified coaches, we adapt our style to meet your preferred learning.

Understanding your performance cars engineered DNA is key to driving enjoyment and safety. The CAT dynamic driving experts coach you to discover this knowledge and understanding.

Your bespoke driver training will transform your driving journey.

The UK’s foremost and authentic provider of engineering driver training courses, CAT delivers the best driver coaching and training your money will buy. An Excellent rating and score of 5/5, our exceptional customised professional dynamic driver training is enjoyed for road, track, race competition and motor industry driver development.

Being the best, the CAT Instructor team hold the highest qualifications the DVSA award, as well as Accredited Coaching Driver Development skills – which includes the psychological aspects of driving. Combined with our engineering expertise, this gives CAT our unique approach to developing your car control.

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