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You will find answers to some of the common questions our clients ask. Please call us on 01234 757633 or email info@catdrivertraining.co.uk with any additional question or information needed.

Do I need a crash helmet, gloves and race overalls with boots?

Where required we will provide you with the use of a crash helmet (open face to ease communication for enclosed cars, full face with intercom communication equipment for open top cars). If you have your own crash helmet you are welcome to use it. Gloves are also available for your use. Race overalls are not necessary but you are welcome to wear them if you are more comfortable. We recommend comfortable casual clothing and soft soled shoes – trainers are ideal.

Are there any hidden costs

There are no hidden costs on our training days. The course fee accepted at the time of booking and paid for in full before your training commences is the only money you will be required to pay. During your training light refreshments will be provided and if a full day, lunch will be provided. If you choose to take out insurance with a provider this is at your own choice and cost. When using your own car, be aware that the surfaces at Millbrook are not aggressive, unlike disused airfields – tyre wear and brake wear will be minimal. Where there is a likelihood of high wear e.g. Bruntingthorpe, you will use a CAT vehicle, with the option to use yours for 1 hour only in the afternoon.

What about food and drink?

Light refreshments are provided during your training course. On full day sessions your lunch is also included. There is no requirement for you to buy anything on the day unless you wish to.

Do I need insurance?

Due to the nature of Millbrook Proving Ground – a motor industry testing facility – there is no insurance provided on circuit. You will sign a Disclaimer acknowledging you are aware and proceeding on this basis. Ryan Motorsport will provide a quotation for insurance cover for your vehicle during your driver development course at Millbrook. Each quote is based on your own circumstances and most importantly the value of your car. The telephone number to call is 01799 524202 and website link here. Once you have completed your training, companies such as Adrian Flux may offer a discount of up to 15% for your annual insurance policy, dependent on the car and your age.

What's included when hiring CAT vehicles?

Petrol as required for your training course and reasonable tyre wear (extreme wear during Drifting and Over Grip Limit Handling Course expected). There will be an excess of £500 payable by the Hirer towards any insurance claim.

Who are your instructors?

All are dedicated and hand picked individuals who share our passion for cars and driving. Our business model is to have a small team of highly qualified and experienced instructors in the disciplines we teach. We do not call on a large group of instructors just to get the numbers through the door. We offer a bespoke, quality and professional service with instruction to match. Qualifications held range from Nurburgring Industry Pool Evaluator, Motor Manufacturer Engineer Trainers, Professional Racing Drivers with British Touring Car experience, ARDS Instructors, ROSPA Gold Members, Institute of Advanced Motorists, Driving Standards Agency Fleet Trainers, ROSPA Fleet Diploma, Approved Driving Instructors, MSA and DIA members.

Are cameras allowed?

Due to the nature of Millbrook Proving Ground – a motor industry testing facility – it is not possible to use cameras including video and bullet cams whilst on site, without prior arrangement. On entering the facility, Security will remove any photographic equipment from you, returning it when you leave the site. Your mobile phone will also have a security seal placed over any camera lens on the piece.  This is to be removed only after you have left Millbrook Security at the conclusion of your training course. With prior arrangement and payment it is possible in some circumstances to hire a Security Minder. They will be in attendance at all times that photography is underway.

What am I paying for?

The emphasis on our training is vehicle dynamics and the effect the inputs made by you the driver has on the vehicle. This knowledge is based on indepth experience of the motor industry. Our first hand experience of vehicle development, evaluation and training to the engineers that design and develop the vehicles you drive translates to you. This key difference accelerates your learning, reducing the need for trial and error, maximising training and minimising costly track time. Except where requested by you, all of your training is 1 to 1 with your dedicated instructor in car with you. We do not believe in making you wait for your turn or leaving you to practice new skills without an instructor to guide you. Your needs and objectives are our priority – this is one of the first questions you are asked to ensure you get the training you have paid for. Your instructor works closely with you to build your confidence developing your technique and knowledge.

Who are your clients?

Individuals and companies train with us on the road and the track using either their own cars or our fleet. A mix of configuration and power abilities from modern cars to performance and race cars.

In 15 years, we have trained clients in probably every marque, these include:

Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lotus, TVR, Nissan, Morgan, Audi, Volvo ……

Clients travel from around the world to advance their knowledge from the recognised CATDT experts.

How many trainees are there for each course?

The majority of our courses are one to one i.e. one instructor in car with you, the trainee, at all times. In some circumstances it is possible to share a course i.e. our Performance Driver Day, between two people. As this would be at your request, you would have prior knowledge that your training will be shared. Events for car clubs are capped at a maximum size of 6, but instruction is still given on a one on one basis. With the exception of our Drifting and Over Grip Limit Handling course and our gymkhana activity, at all times your instructor is in car with you.

What will I learn?

An example, depending on your training selected:Low, medium and high speed braking working on ABS, Threshold, Pedal Exit, Trail Braking and Heel & Toe techniques are all covered in our itineraries using the Mile Straight – it all depends on how long you choose to train with us. The need for observation looking further ahead than is generally made is visibly demonstrated during the high speed driving exercises reaching 120-130 mph on the 2 mile 5 lane banked circuit of the High Speed Bowl.Cornering techniques such as Entry, Apex, Clipping Point, J Turn, Slow in Fast Out, Weight Transfer on Turn In and Identifying the Correct Line and Driving It are explored on the Handling Circuit and famous Alpine Route, Loops 1 & 2 – depending on the length of your itinerary. As your needs and objectives are unique to you, your training will be tailored to meet them.

Why Millbrook?

Millbrook is a motor industry testing facility which has many circuits hidden within its 700 acre site. The nature of the circuits created mean that as a consequence of testing vehicles, they provide us with the perfect arena to challenge the driver. You are able to access this facility through our company to develop your own driving skills. The surfaces at Millbrook are not aggressive, unlike disused airfields – this is an important consideration when using your own car. Tyre wear and brake wear will be minimal. The circuits do occasionally get dirty depending on the nature of vehicle testing going on at the time but Millbrook has a clean track policy, using road sweepers etc. to keep the circuits in the best condition.

What vehicle will I use?

Use your own vehicle so long as it is in road worthy condition and mechanically safe or choose to use one of our own performance fleet: track prepared Caterham 7’s; Subaru Impreza; and Nissan 350z.  You will use one or more of these vehicles based on your chosen training experience. Basic skills training is carried out in modern saloon cars: BMW 330d and Ford Mondeo – these are part of the current fleet.

Why use CAT for my driver training?

Unrivalled in course content & personalisation, CAT has redefined the driver training & coaching experience. Intelligently designed, our courses deliver maximum enjoyment & safety.

Individuals learn in different styles. Some of us are visual, others by hearing, you might prefer to read or be kinaesthetic. As expert coaches, we adapt our style to meet each clients preferred method.

Understanding performance cars engineered DNA is key. The CAT dynamic experts coach to discover this knowledge & understanding.

Being the best, the CAT Instructor team hold the highest qualifications the DVSA award, as well as Accredited Coaching Driver Development skills. This includes the psychological aspects of driving. Combined with our engineering expertise, this gives CAT our unique approach to developing car control.

Can I get to you by helicopter?

How to find Millbrook by Helicopter:Coordinates:
N 52.039696
W 0.527939
N 52⁰ 2′ 22.9050″
W 0⁰ 31′ 40.5804″


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