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Be one of the most comprehensively developed Roadcraft drivers

Complete your Road Academy Programme by pre-selecting the content from CATs 42-point plan - the conclusion to your Roadcraft development is built around you.

Based on the CAT 5 key pillars for low risk, enjoyable, performance car driving, choose your road networks to confirm:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Car control
  • Human factors that affect a safe journey
  • Road network negotiation
  • The reason for your journey

Explore & Develop

  • A forensic eye to interpret driving risk – real & potential
  • Driving dynamic Mastery – vehicle manipulation & control
  • Progress & pace Mastery in safety on any road
  • Advanced & defensive driving techniques to professional standards
  • Speed-sensing via Driving Dynamics & Limit Point management

Discover & Learn How To

  • Commentate & vocalise to predict & confirm hazards – real & potential
  • Explore vehicle dynamic settings to optimise driving conditions & the reason for your journey
  • Select dynamic settings for appropriate gear selection/hold patterns – power & torque curve delivery
  • Choose a dynamic setting for optimised braking safety relevant to road & weather conditions
  • Select the optimum damper setting & steering response (if adjustable)
  • Ensure your vehicle geometry settings & tyre choice complement your driving style

Understand HOW To

  • Heel & Toe – positive benefits for manual gearbox driving
  • Make best use of Auto Blip to optimise tyre grip
  • Control isolate for optimised vehicle stability

Develop “System” driving aka Roadcraft – the safe & systematic car control method & hazard negotiation to a habitual level.

Embed the Roadcraft 5 phases of “System” driving into your everyday driving plan:

  • Information
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Gear
  • Acceleration

With your Systematic Cornering approach
you will Manage & maintain
optimum safety with pace

"What sets us apart?

CAT's business model is based on true & authentic vehicle dynamic genuine experience, knowledge & qualifications. This is what sets us apart from any other training provider in the UK. To drive in harmony with your vehicles configuration & unique characteristics - if this is your driving objective - CAT is your discerning choice."

Colin Hoad, CATDT Founder & Chief Instructor

Bring all your learning together
to be one of the most
developed drivers on the road

Do you have a particular requirement or technique you would like to focus on? All our training courses are tailored to you, your objectives & your car.

Contact Jo & Lynne to discuss your Roadcraft or performance driving objectives. Call us on 01234 757633 or email using the button below.


Your Car£1050

Advanced Control Master Course Details

Full day

8 hours coaching with 5 hours driving

Delegate to Instructor Coach Ratio

One to One

Public Highway

Perfectly placed to cross county borders, the challenging variety provided by the A & B roads & Motorways across Beds / Bucks / Herts / Northants will deliver your personal road driving objectives.

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