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CAT RoadL4


Looking to feel safe & in total control?

Essential seat time for all drivers, particularly performance & supercar drivers looking to feel safe, in total control, in all weather conditions, driving front wheel & rear wheel drive configurations.

Our unique skid control course, explores HOW to predict real & potential hazardous driving scenarios – before costly “point of no return” incidents develop.

The Objective


  • WHY vehicles skid & HOW to prevent it
  • to react intuitively in those moments when grip is finite & subconscious control inputs are essential
  • HOW to identify “Dynamic Compromise” – a common misunderstood idea that finds performance car and supercar drivers vulnerable to loss of grip, just when least expected
  • Why trail braking can increase skid risk
  • Optional unique CAT drifting secrets


  • Skid recovery exercises
  • Over Grip Limit exercises & skid control in CATs Caterham & Clio RS
  • Skid control exploration in your own vehicle on a wetted surface
  • Braking techniques that influence the potential to lose control


  • Skid control
  • Understeer
  • Oversteer
  • Different vehicle configurations - front wheel & rear wheel drive
  • Road surface
  • Road condition
  • Weight transfer
  • Grip limit identification
  • How tyres grip the road

stellar dedicated instruction & coaching
time in car & skid control course content

Do you have a particular requirement or technique you would like to focus on in your skid control course?

Each & every training course is tailored to you, your objectives & your car.

Jo & Lynne are on hand to chat through your driving objectives & answer any questions you have to explore if this skid control course is right for you.  Call us on 01234 757633 or email using the button below.


Feel safe & in control

1-2-1 CAT Caterham 7, Clio RS & Your Car *£2300

2-2-1 cost pp CAT Caterham 7, Clio RS & Your Car *£1250

Skid Control Course Details

Full day

7.5 hours coaching - approx. 5 hours driving

Delegate to Coach Ratio

One to one or Two to one sharing


UTAC's Millbrook Proving Ground

Note: Min / Max Height: 5ft 0 / 6ft 4 | Max weight: 18 stone
* Plus £150 to wet circuit protecting your tyres - refundable if not used

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This course is part of our dynamic duo Advanced Performance Driving Course

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