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Posted: December 8, 2020 Read time: 3 Mins

Supporting causes dear to our hearts & giving back are values that have always been part of the CAT DNA. After what has been such a challenging year for many, we have dedicated December to the gift of giving. Our two fundraising activities for this month are detailed below. You can follow the action as it unfolds on our Facebook Page & other social channels.


When Fiona started production for the CAT face masks, a discussion took place around the fabric to be used. Colour matching to the brand was an option, along with fun & quirky patterns/imagery.

The decision was made to keep it simple, sticking to the fabric she could source in the potential quantity needed. Different sizes for clients versus Colin, Paul & Steve's needs, as well as Jo & Lynne's separate requirements, meant that 3 variations were created.

At the same time, Fiona also became the creator of masks for friends & family. This demand meant that she found fabric themes to match individual interests & hobbies.

The result is that for CAT she has created 3, possibly unique (or limited) special face masks.

With her blessing, auctions will be held for each mask to raise money for charity. No matter the amount, charities are in need more than ever before, so any donation will be welcomed.

The three masks up for grabs feature (pictured below):

  1. Land Rovers (1 of 6)
  2. Bikes & Sportscars (1 of 10 (9 not yet made))
  3. Racing Cars (1 of only 2)

Car Face Masks

Sealed bids for your chosen mask should be made via direct message on either our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Pages. The winning bidder for each limited edition mask will choose the Charity to receive their donation.

The auction for each mask will be held across our social channels from today (Tuesday 8th December) onwards. 

All three mask auctions will take place between 8th - 18th December 

  1. Bikes & Sportscars - Tuesday 8th, closes Friday 11th
  2. Land Rovers -  11th, closes Monday 14th
  3. Racing Cars - Tuesday 15th, closes Friday 18th


Our successful Charity Pot initiative continued in 2020 with a bigger pot. This, as those of you who watched the smash & count will know, was because the 2019 version was crammed to the top with £5, £10 & £20 notes!

As in 2019, for every customer who gives permission to share a picture of them with their training car, CAT donates £5 into the charity pot.

Despite 4 months where the DVSA removed permission for driving instructors to work, there is currently £980 for these photos in the pot, with the rest of December still to go.

Many customers have also been kindly adding their own donations, with many £10 & £20 notes being put in to this special pot. Your generosity has been heartwarming.

Thanks to the kindness of Jo's sister, there is also £950 added. The now necessary masks we must all wear, Fiona has sourced the materials & diligently sat sewing together all the pieces to the required standard.

Instead of reimbursement for money spent & time given, Fiona instead asked that CAT made a £5 contribution to the Charity pot for each mask made.

Look out for our Facebook Live on Monday 21st December when we'll be smashing, counting & picking the winning client who has participated this year.

Hopefully, they'll be immediately available for us all to find out who their chosen Charity/ies will be.

Action for Children was Georges choice in 2019, receiving the £1026.22 held in the pot. Here is the moment Colin and I smashed the pot last year.

Thank you, as always, to our generous customers for your support.

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