How to Start Racing - buy your copy & accelerate up the grid

Posted: July 3, 2016

When a few seconds can cost you a place on the podium, everything counts! You may instinctively try to tweak the car’s performance, but have you considered improving your own?

Fitness in motorsport is often overlooked. During race car driving you need to be both physically and mentally strong in order to maximise performance. Muscular strength and cardio-vascular fitness are the two most important fitness components in motorsport. During a race your body has huge demands placed on it; from the neck coping with added G-forces, to your legs pressing the pedals hundreds of times. Core stability, good posture and a strong frame are key in improving endurance performance and concentration.

On the starting grid, your car is fuelled for the race and you need to ensure that you are too. Optimal pre-race preparation also includes appropriate nutrition and hydration. Sensible choices of protein, carbohydrates and water will enable you to maintain physical performance and mental alertness throughout the race.

Nxtep Personal Training will help you match your car’s performance. An individual personal exercise programme will be specifically designed to enable you to manage in-car demands and shave off those all-important lap time seconds. For those local to Cheshire, our studio in Knutsford is ideal and for those further afield we can provide an excellent distance approach to fitness and nutrition.

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