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Posted: June 4, 2016

What a great event. Give a competitive driver a race car and he or she will invariably want to adjust its dynamic characteristics to suit their driving style. On this occasion that option was not on the table. The JR Motorsport Evo X became a benchmark for the day - no adjustments - just get in and do your best.

Chell asked me to interview each driver after their first run. A great opportunity to gauge reaction and gain feedback from drivers on the challenges of extracting a quick lap from a damp and cold circuit. Each driver approached the task professionally, chasing braking points and building speed over each run. The comments mirrored performance.

Those drivers that evaluated the vehicle and adjusted their technique to the predominantly understeering platform looked smoother, and the JR Motorsport Evo X more composed. The comments from all the drivers were positive, each taking time to reflect on engine power braking capability and handling characteristics. Set up for circuits, the general consensus amongst the drivers was that the Evo X wanted a little more front end grip around the tight & twisty damp circuit.

Colin Hoad

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