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Our podcast series explores the world of cars, motoring & motorsport with interesting, engaging & diverse petrolheads.

A Car Podcast about the People

"My time in the motor industry has brought many interesting and lovely people into my life - many are acquaintances and friends. It’s time to share their passion and life stories." Colin Hoad

#1 Darren Langeveld – DN Events

10 years in, Darren Langeveld and his Destination Nurburgring events have become a household name for those planning a trip to the ‘Ring. But, how did it all start? Darren’s story is born from a passion for cars, motorsport, and … a crash in his friend's car!! Anecdotal and amusing, Darren’s laid-back view on cars, racing and track days, makes for an entertaining and engaging hour. Lots of helpful and professional information on how to plan a safe and enjoyable trip to the ‘Ring concludes our chat. Don’t miss it.

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#2 Chris McLeery – Mawsley Car Valeting

Listen to this podcast and you’ll never use a bucket and sponge again, let alone a chamois leather.  Would you know the difference between a ceramic coat and PPF?  How would you choose between them?  Chris brings clarity and common sense to the sometimes confusing car detailing and valeting world.  Freely sharing his vast experience, Chris guides us through the latest products and processes.  To protect your investment and ensure your 4 or 2 wheeled friend is deservedly pampered, this is an easy hours listening.

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#3 Dirk Schoysman – Professional Development Driver

A unique opportunity to explore the life of “Ringmeister” and professional Nurburgring industry pool driver Dirk Schoysman.  So much to talk about: Dirk shares his personal experience developing the infamous Nissan GTR on the ‘Ring; his long-standing and successful racing association with Falken tyres; along with fascinating insights into the life of a professional test driver at the ‘Ring.  This hour flies by – truly enlightening and engaging.

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