Drifting Course & Over Grip Limit Handling

Learn the drifting secrets and master over limit handling and ultimate drifting control. You will understand and practice the building blocks of controlling a vehicle at and beyond its limit of adhesion – drifting.

Watch our slow motion drift video below to see the ultimate drift in action or scroll down for further information.

Learn our Drifting Secrets & Master Total Car Control

The itinerary has been carefully crafted, promoting confidence at grip limit. Gravel and tarmac rally drivers, racing drivers, track day drivers, drifters, advanced road drivers and driving coaches have all enjoyed and benefited from this unique coaching experience.

  • Slalom
  • Slalom Drift
  • Figure of Eight Long, with braking weight transfer exercise
  • Figure of Eight Short, with braking weight transfer exercise
  • Drifting a single cone
  • Figure of Eight Transitional drifting
  • Oversteer/Understeer correction & recovery
  • Drifting a circle, large radius up to 40m

Your training session will include presentations on:

  • Understeer
  • Oversteer
  • Lift off Oversteer
  • Roll Oversteer
  • Weight transfer
  • How a tyre grips the road
  • Identifying grip limit
  • Pendulum effect
  • Vehicle dynamic balance

Plus you will learn a few unique CAT drifting secrets. There is no comparable course available. Over the last 12 years over 600 Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling Courses have been delivered by our instructors. Helping drivers to improve their stage and lap times, gain confidence, as well as increasing their driving pleasure.

This drifting & over grip limit handling course is truly unique. You will not find this level of dedicated instruction in drifting, time in car and course content anywhere else within the UK. So strong is our reputation for improving your limit handling skills our clients have travelled from as far afield as Russia and New Zealand to attend.

Due to the accelerated mechanical wear when using a vehicle for drifting, CAT recommends you use the CAT Caterham for this particular training course.

Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling Course Detail
Duration: 3 hours
Driving Time: 2 hours on a 1:1 basis, 1 hour on a 2:1 basis & 40 mins on a 3:1 basis
No. of Trainees: 1, 2 or 3 – at your request
Location: Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire
Price: 1:1 basis £700, 2:1 basis £395 pp, 3:1 basis £285 pp using a CAT vehicle
Refreshments included
Minimum/maximum height 5 ft 0/6 ft 4 Maximum weight of 18 stone

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