Over Grip Limit Handling & Drifting Course

Grip limit drifting on the skid pan in Millbrook Proving Ground

Prepare to react instinctively to identify, manage & recover from understeer & oversteer on track, with the ultimate drifting course & over grip limit training.

The Objective

  • Stretch you to go beyond your comfort zone in safety
  • Experience & explore a vehicle way beyond the Yaw angles experienced on a track day.
  • Become comfortable with a vehicle driven beyond its limit of adhesion
  • Instil recovery techniques

Driving a vehicle on a track day means you may occasionally exceed its limit of adhesion.  It could be raining or damp, you may push too hard, or misjudge your speed.  If small errors are made, it’s imperative you can recover the situation.

Learn to react intuitively in those moments when grip is finite & subconscious control inputs are necessary.

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  • Slalom
  • Figure of Eight Long, with braking weight transfer exercise
  • Figure of Eight Short, with braking weight transfer exercise
  • Oversteer/Understeer correction & recovery
  • Trail Braking vs. Vehicle Rotation
  • Drifting a 180 degree Turn
  • Over Grip Limit Recovery Techniques


  • Understeer
  • Oversteer
  • Vehicle Rotation
  • Lift Off Oversteer
  • Roll Oversteer
  • Weight Transfer
  • How Tyres Grip the Road
  • Grip Limit Identification
  • Pendulum Effect
  • Safety Critical Vehicle Dynamics Briefings

Unique CAT drifting secrets explored by You.

Now a master of ultimate car control, you will be confident and prepared for driving in all conditions on any circuit.

Unrivalled stellar dedicated instruction & coaching, time in car and drifting course content – only found in the UK with CAT.

Watch our slow motion drift video below to see the ultimate drift in action or scroll down for further information.

Caterham 7 Super Sport used for drifting and over grip limit handling

You’ve got to try this…

I really appreciated Paul’s ability to explain concepts to me at my level and I am absolutely certain he could do the same at different levels with much more qualified drivers.

All in all the training gave me the experience to drift a CAT 7 on a figure 8 and a J Turn for instance which I loved. Extremely exhilarating and you just get better and better as Paul coaches you to improve.

As a sign off I would say to all those guys who may have done a track day or two (which I love as well) go and sample this 1:1 or 1:2 training. It’s amazing fun and you will without a doubt leave a better driver and also have some drifting skills in your kitbag. These guys will take you to the next level and yes I will be booking more courses.

Craig Bevan

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Over Grip Limit & Drifting Course Details

Half Day: [09:00-12:00 or 14:00-17:00] = 3 hours Coaching | 2 hours Driving
Location: Millbrook Proving Ground

Delegate to Instructor Coach Ratio: One to One
Price: Inc CAT Caterham £700 (Caterham)

Delegate to Instructor Coach Ratio: Two to One | 1 hour driving time pp
Price: Inc CAT Caterham £395 pp (Caterham)

Refreshments included

Minimum/maximum height 5 ft 0/6 ft 4 Maximum weight of 18 stone

Jo and Lynne are on hand to discuss your grip limit and drifting objectives. To book your bespoke course call us on 01234 757633 or email using the button below.

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