Advanced Control – Advanced Driving Course

Advanced driving course

Explore your performance vehicles dynamic limits at our Millbrook home.  Experience how your new understanding transforms your road driving in the afternoon.

Intelligently structured, you’ll embed CATs 5 key pillars for low risk enjoyable performance car driving:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Car control
  • Human factors that affect a safe journey
  • Road network negotiation
  • The reason for your journey
Explore & Develop
  • Advanced braking techniques: ABS; 3 Stage; Threshold; & Trail
  • Effective scanning & observation
  • Minimised control inputs
  • Precision steering
  • A safe & systematic car control system
  • A methodical approach to process information, apply observation & anticipation
  • Driving dynamics – incorporate into every drive
Discover & learn how to
  • Translate intentions & thoughts into action – manoeuvre your vehicle accurately & smoothly at higher speeds than the Highway Code allows
  • Optimise confidence, safety & stability at speeds in excess of 100 mph
  • Negotiate hazards in a safe systematic method, leaving nothing to chance
  • Manage human factors & driving emotion
  • Position for “best possible view” – promote optimum dynamic balance & tyre grip at circuit speed
  • Manage the dynamic forces involved when cornering at circuit speed
  • Active & passive driver aids – the technical & practical aspects
  • What factors affect a vehicles ability to corner
  • Your individual vehicle dynamic characteristics with the CAT qualified dynamic experts
  • How to use the Limit Point – a perception tool helping you accurately negotiate corners & bends

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs using CATs unique dynamic driving know-how.

Look at the effect correct braking & observational techniques have on making progress safely.

Take away a systematic approach to cornering, enabling you to manage & maintain optimum safety with pace.

Perfectly placed to cross county borders, the challenging variety provided by the roads across Beds/Bucks/Herts/Northants will meet your personal road driving objectives.

Our Trustpilot reviews demonstrate & confirm how our dual venue course builds confidence with a safe, systematic driving process.  Maximise driving enjoyment while protecting your investment.

Tailored to your own personal requirements, no time is wasted covering old ground. On this 8 hours advanced driving course, you will maximise your time on the areas you want to cover, and we’ll identify those key to your advancement.

Advanced Driving Course Information
1 Day – 09:00 – 17:00 Duration: 8 hours
No. of Trainees: 1
Location: Millbrook Proving Ground (3 hours) & Public Highway around Beds/Bucks/Herts/Northants
Price: £900 using your car £1280 using a CAT vehicle (Astra/Jaguar/Subaru/350z) Lunch & refreshments included

Do you have a particular requirement or technique you would like to focus on? All our training courses are ALWAYS tailored to YOUR objectives & YOUR car.

Contact Jo and Lynne to discuss your advanced driving course objectives and book your bespoke training course: 01234 757633


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