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Happy Car Club Members

Happy Car Club Members

Running since 2006, the Performance Driver ‘Track’ Day for groups of up to 6 members from a car club, has been enjoyed by hundreds of individuals. Modelled on attendance at a track day, the itinerary is an advanced driving course providing an introduction into performance driving with 1 hour 40 minutes driving time across the day. All in the company of your dedicated instructor.

Whilst waiting your turn there is plenty of opportunity to chat with your fellow car club member, how amazing your brakes are, whether an upgrade with the latest mod would add benefit and/or horse power or compare notes on your surprise at what you and your car are capable of without spending thousands of pounds.

A full day experience from 08:15 – 17:00 the day allows you to get to know many of your fellow enthusiasts and provides:

  • 1 hour 40 minutes professional in car tuition & driving time
  • access to drive 5 unique circuits at the Millbrook Proving Ground
  • lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • our famous timed shoot out finale – the End of Day Gymkhana in your car
  • full emergency services on hand all day
  • exclusive facilities
  • Driver of the Day and Fastest Time of the Day “shoot out” prizes and presentations

We are proud to work with the following car clubs: 350z-uk,  Mitsubishi Lancer Register; GTROC; nissansportz; M3 CSL Register; AAOC; The Lotus Forums; Hangar 111; Seloc;, GT86 Owners and Drivers Club, Petrolhead Nirvana, Baby BMW and AWSC car club.

Please contact Jo in the office on 01234 757633 if you would like to look at holding a car club training event.

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Steering Pad

Club Date Driver Time (secs) Position
Battalion30five 21/08/16 Chris J 41.20 1 Nissan GT R35 11/07/15 Stuart B 41.85 2 Nissan GT R35
Mixed 20/05/18 Richard H 42.19 3 Porsche Cayman 21/05/16 David C 42.39 4 Nissan R34
BabyBMW 21/05/17 Danny P 42.61 5 Mini Cooper S
Hangar 111 30/04/17 Ben C 42.74 6 Lotus Exige 21/04/18 Jeff S 42.84 7 Nissan GT R35
Lancer Register 02/06/18 Simon H 42.85 8 Evo V 16/07/16 Gareth L 43.05 9 Nissan GT R35
Hangar 111 08/10/16 Gavin B 43.44 10 Lotus Else S2

League Table – Mile Straight Apron

Club Date Driver Time (secs) Position
Seloc 03/06/10 Neil L 28.06 1 *DC
MLR 15/07/09 Adrian R 28.44 2 *DC
GTROC 15/05/10 Lindsay M 28.91 3 *DC
911uk/BabyBMW/MLR 14/04/18 Grant A 28.94 4 – 911
GT86 Owners Club 06/06/15 Adrian C 28.95 5 *DC

Note *:
RC = Race Caterham
DC = Drift Caterham

League Table – Mile Straight Apron

Club Date Driver Time (secs) Position
911uk 10/06/17 Liz J 34.30 1 Porsche 993

League Table – Handling Circuit

Club Date Driver Time (secs) Position
911uk 20/10/17 Gary S 0.11 1
911uk 10/10/15 Jon B 0.22 2
Hangar 111 11/03/17 Terry B 0.26 3
GTR Register 25/05/14 Matthew K 0.40 4
GTR Register 26/03/17 Nick P 0.48 5

2018 Car Club Events

Date Club Event # of Places Available
07.04.18 911uk PDTD x 6 places Sold Out
14.04.18 Mixed PDTD x 6 places Sold Out
21.04.18 GTR Register PDTD x 6 places Sold Out
20.05.18 350z-uk PDTD x 6 places Sold Out
02.06.18 Open PDTD x 3 places Sold Out
21.07.18 Mixed PDTD x 3 places 1 available
23.09.18 PDTD x 6 places Sold Out
29.09.18 Open CM/GDOGLH x 6/4 places Now available
06.10.18 PDTD x 3 places Sold Out
07.10.18 Open PDTD/CM x 3 places Now available
13.10.18 Open PDTD/CM x 3 places Now available
14.10.18 Open GDOGLH x 4 places Now available
27.10.18 Open PDTD x 6 places Now available

PDTD = Performance Driver ‘Track’ Day
OPT = Optimisation
GDOGLH = Group Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling
CM = Cornering Masterclass
GYM = Gymkhana

If you would like to join one of these events give Jo a call on 01234 757633 to check on availability.

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