The Essential Police Driver’s Handbook is the handbook for police driver training. A definitive guide for all drivers wishing to develop their skills and safety to an advanced level. I use Roadcraft as a reference for CATs advanced road training, as did the instructors who taught me. The IAM, ROSPA and the DSA all base their advanced training around the guidance in this book. If you are planning on booking an advanced driving course with CAT, this book offers an excellent introduction to the skills and techniques you will be learning with us out on the road. Recommended by CAT as essential reading for the motoring enthusiast.

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DVSA Official 2015 Highway Code

When did you last read a copy of the Highway Code? When you took your driving test? Revised in 2015 this latest edition is the official guide to using our roads safely and legally. Go on its only £2.50 or less, and it could just save your life.

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Mind Driving

A fascinating insight into the mental processes involved in driving. It is a little heavy going in places, but stick with it. If we all had to complete a thesis on this book in order to pass our driving test, I am sure the roads would be safer. An interesting and enlightening read.

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How to Be A Better Driver

Helpful and informative especially if you are about to take your IAM advanced driving test.

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The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

Essential reading for anyone embarking on the road to becoming an ADI. (Approved Driving Instructor). It retains its status as a bestseller and is not only recommended to trainee instructors, but also as an authoritative guide for experienced ADIs and driver trainers.

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How to Make your Car Handle

I have had this book in my collection for many years – clearly written and still relevant today.

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Chassis Engineering HP1055

An excellent reference book, covering the basic principles of chassis design. An ideal book for driver trainers wanting to get to grips with the basic principles of chassis engineering.

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Auto Math Handbook

If you prepare and modify your own track car, its very handy as a reference book. I have had a copy for some years, and has proven invaluable when I’ve needed it.

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The Competition Car Data Logging Manual

Contains detailed practical advice with information on purchasing a system, calibration and interpretation of data. It does not tell you how to drive or set up your car and makes that point clear in the introduction. Lots of clearly explained examples and practical explanations. Very useful for those new to data logging and professionals alike.

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UK Circuit Guide 2009

The definitive “how to” guide to driving all major UK racing circuits in the UK. Over 600 pages of useful information covering: SatNav postcodes to circuits; Accommodation; Nearest Shell Fuel stations with postcodes; and an over view of hillclimb, sprint and selected track day venues. I recommend using these guides if you are new to circuit driving and/or haven’t driven a circuit before. You can do your homework before venturing out on an unknown circuit. There is no substitute for experience and learning a circuit from a diagram does not suit everybody – that said they are useful.

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Euro Circuit Guide 2009

Covers most of the major European circuits and as above, well worth the investment – but I do have reservations on the Nordschleife information. The text is well written but has omissions regarding surface changes and potential hazards. The line drawings are not detailed enough to be of true value.

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Competition Car Aerodynamics

Easy reading, not too technical and very little calculation. Aimed at the amateur driver and modifier it gives the reader an overview on all aspects of aerodynamics, including both down force and drag. Very helpful for driver trainers wanting to understand the basics of a complex subject.

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Zone Mind, Zone Body

I have read this book several times and often pop back in for another browse. Have you ever experienced that almost spiritual experience of being “in the Zone” when competing? This personal coaching book gives a route map to achieving the zone on demand. If you are a serious competitor and are looking for the edge, this book may help you find it.

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Kings of the Nurburgring

The most comprehensive book you are likely to find on the Nurburgring written in English. It covers the period from 1927 to 1983. It is primarily about the drivers who excelled there, it begins with the fascinating story of how the circuit came into being, thanks to the foresight, drive and charisma of one man, Dr Otto Cruez. A very special present for any “Ring” enthusiast.

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The story of Bernhard Cahiers long and fascinating journey through the automotive world of motorsport. A photographic compilation of the world of sports and formula racing in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Delightful.

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Winning Is Not Enough: The Autobiography

A brilliant autobiography, the book positively fizzes with the man’s enthusiasm for life and the pursuit of excellence. I found the book motivational and inspiring.

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Speed Secrets 1-3

There are now 6 books in the Speed Secrets series. Ross Bentley is a successful and respected racer and driving coach. Starting with fundamental driving techniques, and technical vehicle information the series builds in a logical sequence. It’s not just about driving technique. Emphasis is placed on personal development – tuning the driver for optimum performance. The books are clear and concise, but take time to read between the lines. Well worth investing in if circuit driving and racing is your passion.

Shave lap times or find a faster line through your favorite set of S-curves with professional race driver Ross Bentley as he shows you the quickest line from apex to apex! With tips and commentary from current race drivers, Bentley covers the vital techniques of speed, from visualizing lines to interpreting tire temps to put you in front of the pack. Includes discussion of practice techniques, chassis set-up, and working with your pit chief.

Speed Secrets: 1

Discover the secrets that will make you a faster and more successful racecar driver with this up-to-date insight into the latest techniques in racing. Professional driver and driving coach Ross Bentley, reveals what it takes to be fast and win races at the highest levels. Chock full of diagrams and concise “speed secrets,” Bentley has created an all-new approach to learning and perfecting the ideal line around the racetrack. He teaches you how to turn errors into more speed, left-foot braking techniques, as well as three sure-fire ways to lower your best lap time. Ross Bentley, who is the author of Speed Secrets, Inner Speed Secrets, and Bob Bondurant on Race Kart Driving, was a driver for the winning SRPII team at the Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona. Ross is a member of Team Seattle, which also took home second place in SRPII. The two Team Seattle cars finished 7th and 8th overall in a field of 44 cars.

Speed Secrets: 2

Maximize your driving ability with tips from the experts! Based on performance seminars conducted by the authors for race car drivers, this informative guide helps you consistently perform at your highest level. Chapters discuss: The Driver – The Ultimate Management System; Inner Race Driving; Skills and Techniques; and Strategies.

Speed Secrets: 3


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Speed Secrets 4-6

Ross Bentley. Race teams have discovered great benefits can be derived from “tuning” their driver to perform at his/her full potential. Thus, this book is for everyone who works with a driver: engineers, crew chiefs, team owners, mechanics, and the driver’s parents. This unique book instructs the driver’s support team how to prepare and communicate with the driver so the driver delivers the best performance in races, practice sessions, and off-track team functions. Written by veteran racer and driving coach Ross Bentley, this book helps the driver’s support team devise effective approaches to “tuning” their driver. It will help them identify techniques that do and don’t work with their specific driver. The result should be better communication and a driver who is “tuned” for success.

Speed Secrets 4

To succeed in any form of racing, a driver must be more than fast. In today’s ultra-competitive motorsports scene, where there’s competition for financial support as well as for checkered flags, a racer must have a full complement of on- and off-track skills. To become a champion, a driver must augment his or her racing, testing, and physical skills with traits and skills such as mental toughness marketing savvy, and career-building abilities. “Speed Secrets 5: The Complete Driver” is the first handbook for the aspiring professional or ambitious amateur racer. It provides insights that will help aspiring racers reach their full potential in their quest to become well-rounded racers. This book is an ideal companion to the earlier, strong-selling “Speed Secrets” titles and will receive exposure and promotion through author Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets business (which includes driving schools and personalized instruction).

Speed Secrets 5

Being the best in a sport requires having a mental model of what the best is – one that instructs, motivates and inspires. Drawing on his own personal experience as a competition driver and coach, author Ross Bentley helps both the aspiring professional and ambitious amateur to develop the mental techniques and model essential for successful racing. His book reviews the techniques needed to drive fast, win races, and build a career as a professional racing driver. More importantly, it schools readers..

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