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Posted: November 29, 2023

From the supercar dreamer to the track day addict, the Sunday driver, the F1 mega-fan and the Hotwheels aficionado - you're sure to find something special that puts a smile on their face. 

Browse gifts by price, using the links below and skip to a section that suits your budget.

Gift ideas for car lovers: £50 and under

Car Magazine Subscription

car magazine subscription

You've got car mail! A budget-friendly gift that keeps on giving. Choose from a wide range of well-known car magazines that will fulfil your car lover's need for speed. 

Price: From £5

Grand Prix Heroes Top Trumps

Grand Prix Heroes Top Trumps

For kids and grown-ups alike - Top Trumps is a family favourite. Learn all about your favourite racing F1 drivers. A great game to travel with.

Price: £5.99
Shop: Amazon

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Digital tyre pressure gauge
All petrolheads understand how important tyres are to vehicle handling, not to forget fuel economy. This is why the Highway Code suggests you check your tyre pressures weekly. This handy digital tyre pressure gauge provides instant and clearly lit readings - a practical stocking filler. Partner this with a digital air compressor pump.

Price: £7.29
Shop: Amazon

Scooby Socks

Heel Treat Car Sock Gift Ideas
Get your feet race ready with these Scooby socks from Heel Tread. Based on Colin McRae's Subaru Impreza 555 livery, these socks use seamless toe knitting to create a sock without any stitches. Not a Scooby fan? These guys have virtually every marque covered in their full collection.

Price: From £6.50
Shop: Heel Tread

Personalised Car Air Freshener

Personalised Car Air Freshener
Something to make you smile. This a fun gift for loved ones who like to keep their car smelling fresh! Choose from any picture; a pet, grandchild or even their beloved motor.

Price: Currently £9.90
Shop: Freshenify

Car Charm

Pandora car charm bracelet

For the collector. This EV car charm is the perfect gift for eco-conscious Pandora fan.

Price: £25
Shop: Pandora

Formula 1 Circuits Book

Formula 1 Circuits Book

For the F1 obsessed. A comprehensive guide complete with bespoke digital maps of each course, written by motorsport journalist Maurice Hamilton.

If you're interested in F1 circuits, also check out our blog on Silverstone Circuit History & Corner Names.

Price: £30
Shop: Waterstones

Spark Plug Bottle Opener

Car Spark Plug Bottle Opener

Price: £27.14
Shop: Etsy

Grand Prix Racewear Vouchers

Grand Prix Racewear Vouchers

Based at Silverstone, the home of British motorsport, Grand Prix Racewear has been supplying the best race and kartwear for over 30 years. If you have a budding racer to buy for, a voucher will help them get kitted out either instore or online.

Price: From £10
Shop: Grand Prix Racewear

Roadcraft: The Police Driver's Handbook

Roadcraft Book

A definitive guide for all drivers wishing to develop their skills and safety to an advanced level. The IAM, ROSPA and the DVSA all base their advanced training around the guidance in this book. Recommended by CAT as essential reading for the motoring enthusiast.

Price: From £14.86 Kindle Edition
Shop: Amazon

Car Bluetooth Receiver

car bluetooth receiver

With older cars, listening to your favourite Spotify playlist whilst on the road was previously not an option. Now streaming over Bluetooth is no longer a luxury only afforded by more modern car owners. Give the gift of music with this car Bluetooth receiver.

Price: £16.10
Shop: Amazon

Steve McQueen Le Mans Movie Poster

le mans movie poster


You're no true petrolhead if you're not a Steve McQueen fan! This retro print was designed to honour one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) racing films of all time. A perfect addition to any garage or home office. Available in a range of sizes.

From £15
Shop: Etsy

Advanced Car Safety Kit

Advanced Car Safety Kit

Ideal for new drivers or new cars. This kit includes a hazard warning triangle, ice scraper, high-vis vest and emergency life hammer with seatbelt cutter. 

Shop: EVAQ8

Car Lovers Gift Card

Car Lovers Gift Card

Created especially for petrolheads who are hard to buy for. Your lucky recipient can choose to spend their gift card on car accessories from Halfords and John Lewis. Planning a road trip? The card can also be spent on renting a new car or towards a hotel for an overnight pit stop. 

Price: From £10

Tamiya Scale Model Kit

Tamiya Scale Model Kit
For when you can't afford the real thing! The Tamiya scale car model kits are highly regarded for their ease of construction and quality. A great way to while away the hours over Christmas. There is a large range to choose from, whether it's a Mercedes Benz 300SL or an F1 McLaren Honda MP4-30 that takes your fancy, there is something for every car and motorsport fan.

Price: From £21.50
Shop: Wonderland Models

Gear Stick Bottle Stopper

Gear Stick Bottle Stopper

Perfect for anyone who enjoys cars and wine, albeit not at the same time.

Price: £20
Shop: Etsy

Car Key Tracker

Car key finder

A tasteful car key ring that doubles as a tracker. When you can't locate your keys, simply open up Tile's app tap 'find' and your keyring will ring. You can purchase tiles for your bag, suitcase, wallet - whatever you don't want to lose! Choose from a variety of colours and shapes that can also be used in wallets and bags. 

Price: From £19.99
Shop: Tile

How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Formula 1 Designer

How to Build a Car Book
A unique insight into the secretive, technical world of F1 car design, written by F1's infamous Adrian Newey OBE. If you travel a lot, why not download the Audiobook version?

Price: £17.40
Shop: Amazon

50 Greatest Bond Cars

Bond Cars: The Definitive History (Hardback)

One of the world's most iconic car lovers - James Bond! We couldn't resist the 50 Greatest Bond Cars by Ben Robinson. Who doesn't love 007?!

Price: £25
Shop: Waterstones

Motorsport Cufflinks from £16.99

Motorsport car cufflinks

With such a wide range of Motoring cufflinks, these subtle accessories make a great stocking filler.

Price: £16.99
Shop: Cufflink Man

Porsche 911 Ice Cube Tray

Porsche ice cube tray gift
Enjoy your favourite tipple chilled with official Porsche ice! A stocking filler your Porsche obsessed loved one is guaranteed not to have.

Price: £18
Shop: Porsche 

Your Track Day Guide

Track Day Book

Much more than a stocking filler ... 'Your Track Day Guide' is a pocket-sized resource packed with tips, insights and advice. A must-read for all track day goers - an ideal gift for all petrolheads.

"A must have for every track addict"

"Great preparation for trackdays"

The paperback price has been set to realise a £5.95 per copy royalty - this to be given to charity. From launch in February 2021, Mission Motorsport - the Forces' Motorsport Charity, will be the benefitting entity.

Price: £18.50
Shop: Amazon

How To Start Racing Guide

Race Driving Book

Never driven competitively in the world of motorsport but thinking you’d like to, or know someone who would? With inside information for novice racers thinking about starting their journey, this second book from Colin Hoad is the perfect read.

All royalties (£7.49) from your purchase are donated to Mission Motorsport - the Forces' Motorsport charity.

Price: £25
Shop: Amazon

Oily Racing Car Mug & Coasters

Oily Car Mug & Coasters
Perfect for the motorsport enthusiast who can't get through a track day without a cuppa!

Price: £20
Shop: Etsy

The Silverstone Experience

Silverstone Experience
You'll be onto a winner with some tickets to the hottest new attraction for motorsport fans. The new Silverstone Experience includes an impressive display of iconic racing cars and bikes, as well as an interactive tech lab the kids will love!

Price: £25
Shop: Silverstone Museum

Merlin Motorsport Gift Vouchers

merlin motorsport voucher

Well known in the motorsport community, the friendly Merlin Motorsport team are THE go-to experts for performance parts and racewear. From exhausts to clutch parts to HANS devices they have any track day or racing driver covered.

Price: From £20
Shop: Merlin Motorsport

Autoglym Detailing Kit

 Autoglym car detailing kit gift

This premium bodywork collection is an ideal gift for anyone who likes to keep their pride and joy looking it's best.

Price: £28.88
Shop: Amazon

Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

C4 GTECHNIQ car trim restorer

Over time the elements can take their toll on your car trim causing it to become cracked or faded. The Gtechniq trim restorer is a highly regarded solution that restores the exterior trim back to tip-top condition and protects it for up to 2 years. Just the job for someone who takes pride in looking after their car.

Price: £22.50
Shop: GTechniq

Racing Stripes Glasses Case

Price: £25
Shop: Me and My Car

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Price: £23.99
Shop: Amazon

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 Gift Ideas

Experience the thrill of motorsport at the limit with what is widely regarded as the most comprehensive, beautiful and authentic racing game ever made. Practice on 32 tracks and experience how varying weather conditions affects handling. Ideal for Gamers and Motorsport enthusiasts alike.

Price: £44.95
Shop: Amazon

PL VT802 Turbo Jet Toy Car Ages 1+

Playforever toy car christmas gift ideas 1 year old

For petrolheads in the making... Playforever are create art toys that are built to last a lifetime. These just might be the coolest pre-school toys we've seen. The cars are designed in the UK and tested to the highest safety standards.

Price: £29
Shop: Playforever

Carbon Fibre Phone Case

LA Carbon Fibre is actually based in the UK. They make lifestyle accessories created by carbon fibre. A 

For petrolheads in the making... Playforever are create art toys that are built to last a lifetime. These just might be the coolest pre-school toys we've seen. The cars are designed in the UK and tested to the highest safety standards.

Price: From £39.99
Shop: LA Carbon Fibre

Ring Automotive RTC1000 Battery Powered Tyre Inflator

RTC 1000 air compressor

Whether you class yourself as a car lover or not, tyre pressure is critical to the safety of your car on the road. In addition, for any track day goer, tyre pressure is also an important factor in getting the maximum enjoyment out of the day. For easy pressure setting, this rapid digital air compressor makes selecting the required pressure easy.

Price: £38.95
Shop: Amazon

Stunning Car Photography Prints

Car Photography Print Gifts

For the petrolhead who spends hours scrolling through car pictures on Instagram, treat them to a print they can admire in their own home. Professional Automotive Photographer Rich Pearce has a range of stunning prints to choose from and also offers automotive photo shoots - why not turn your car into a piece of art?

Prints: From £45
Shop: Rich Pearce Photography

Junior Supercar Driving Experience

Junior Supercar Experience

Struggling for a gift that will impress a car-mad tween or teenager? Car Chase Heroes offer a range of super cool driving experiences for Juniors from 10 years old. Running from a choice of venues.

Prints: From £49
Shop: Car Chase Heroes

Classic Car Biscuits

Classic Car Biscuits and Tin

We're obsessed with these incredible-looking gingerbread car biscuits! Each biscuit is carefully hand decorated by an army of London-based artists. The ultimate British classic car collection includes a Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin! When all the biscuits are gone (which probably won't take long), the hand-illustrated tin doubles as storage for the garage!

Price: £50
Shop: Biscuiteers

Collectable Diecast Model

Mini Model Die Cast Cars

For collectors, kids and big kids alike. Pick an iconic diecast model for a bit of racing nostalgia, like this heritage Ford GT. There are lots to choose from.

Price: From £14.99
Shop: Mini Model Shop

Takona Mission Motorsport Tee

Takona Motorsport T-Shirt

Takona, a motorsport clothing brand with a heart committed to "driving mental health awareness through automotive-inspired design," goes beyond stylish threads. They generously donate 10% of profits from their diverse range of clothing, prints, and accessories to charity. More than just a stylish gift; it's a meaningful gesture with a purpose.

Price: £34.99
Shop: Takona

Motorsport Racing Bottle

Hydrorace motorsport racing water bottle

Ideal for both weekend racers and pros. Hydrorace water bottles are designed for racing drivers. The longer straw enables drivers to stay hydrated when their helmet is on.

Price: £34.99
Shop: Hydrorace

Magneto Magazine

Magneto Magazine Car Gift Idea

A car magazine as beautiful as the machines it features. A subscription to this award-winning magazine is sure to make the recipient's day.

Price: £48
Shop: Magneto Magazine

CarLock Real-Time Tracker

Real Time Car Tracker

When was the last time you paid serious attention to a car alarm going off? That's exactly why car tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular amongst drivers who want to keep a close eye on their pride and joy. The CarLock real-time car tracker syncs to an app in the driver's phone alerting them when the vehicle is moved, the engine starts or if the device is removed. For those car owners generous enough to lend their car to their children, the device also detects signs of harsh driving (spies on your kids).

Price: £39.90
Shop: Amazon

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Cap Carlos Sainz

Ferrari Cap 2022

Buying for a F1 Ferrari feind? You can't go wrong with this seasons 2022 official Ferrari cap. 

Price: £36
Shop: Fuel for Fans

Motorola MDC300GW HD Dash Cam

Dash Cam Car Gift Idea

For someone that spends a lot of time on the road, a dash camera is fast becoming a must-have car gadget. This budget-friendly option includes GPS, parking mode and night vision.

Price: £24.99
Shop: Amazon

Sparco Racing Spirit Trainers

Racing Spirit Sparco Trainers
Sparco is a brand synomous with racing. Their Racing Spirit trainers collection retains their iconic motorsport look, but are designed for everyday wear and driving. With a range of colours to choose from these are an ideal gift for anyone with a racing spirit.

Price: £49
Shop: Sparco

Gift ideas for car lovers: £50 - £100

Echo Auto

Take Alexa on the road. Play it safe with a hands-free car kit that allows you to make calls, play music and set reminders whilst keeping your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.

Price: From £59.99
Shop: Amazon

Crash Jewellery

Crash jewellery car lovers gift guide

Truly unique unisex jewellery crafted from luxury cars. Each piece starts life as a door, hood, fender or quarter panel that is being replaced on a luxury car such as a Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Audi, Mercedes or Porsche. A one of a kind gift that has a story to tell.

Price: From $95
Shop: CRASH Jewelry

Modern Car Prints

Automobilist motorsport posters

Historic moments in motorsport, reimagined with a fresh perspective. These stunning prints come from Automobilist's limited Collectors Edition. Only 500 numbered prints are produced. 

Price: From £80.19
Shop: Automobilist

Scalextric Ginetta Racers Slot Car Set

Scalextric Ginetta Racers Slot Car Set
Become a Ginettas racing legend! Great for both kids and big kids wanting to compete in an epic endurance race within the comfort of their own home.

Price: £109.99
Shop: Wonderland Models

Hilka Pro-Craft 1.5 Tonne Racing Jack


An essential piece of kit for any track enthusiast.

Price: £124.99
Shop: ScrewFix

Gift ideas for car lovers: £100 - £300

Eco-Friendly Seatbelt Backpack

Seatbelt backpack gift ideas for petrolheads

Made from upcyled seatbelts! We think this sporty backpack is perfect for the work commute (and of course track days).

Price: £140
Shop: Etsy

Luxury Car Diffusers

luxury leather and stainless steel car diffusers

A car diffuser befitting the most beautiful of motors. British made, using sustainable materials, Charabanc’s scents are as carefully considered as the stainless steel and leather casing.

Price: £155
Shop: Charabanc

Handcrafted Automotive Wall Art

Aston Martin DB5 Framed Print Christmas Gift Idea

As engineers ourselves, we appreciate the detail and precision Limited100 apply to each and every print they produce. Working with the finest automotive photographers, they handpick the stunning cars and locations used in their finished pieces. Each image is limited to a print one of 100 to ensure exclusivity. A perfect gift for someone who sees the beauty in detail.

Price: From £119
Shop: Limited100

Piston Clock

Car Piston Clock

A piston clock created from a genuine sportscar piston. A celebration of mechanical artistry that'll take pride of place on any petrolhead coffee table. Choose from a Ferrari V12, Rolls Royce or even a Bentley Continental W12 (availability may change).

Price: From £124.99
Shop: Engine Table

Infrared Laser Pyrometer

Racing Infrared Pyrometer

The BG Racing Infrared Pyrometer is an ideal gift for racing enthusiasts who seek accuracy and performance. It offers precise surface temperature measurements and versatile functionality, making it a valuable tool for optimising race performance. It's a thoughtful gift for anyone passionate about racing.

Price: £94.99
Shop: Merlin Motorsport

Large Trolley Gear Bag

Bell Large Trolley Gear Bag

The Bell Large Trolley Gear Bag in black is a fantastic gift for the racing driver in your life. It's equipped with a built-in hard case to safeguard your Bell Helmet and offers ample space for all your race clothing. Plus, the retractable handle and smooth wheels make it super convenient for your racing adventures.

Price: £184.21
Shop: Demon Tweeks

OMEGA Keyring

Omega Keyring

For the car devotee who also loves watches, OMEGA's luxe keyring is an ideal addition to any accessory collection. Made from the same rubber and stainless steel as their iconic watches, these key holders look effortlessly cool. Available in a selection of colours.

Price: £170

Yeti Roadie Coolbox

yeti roadie cool box

One for the explorers. Yeti has designed this sleek cool box with road trips in mind. Created to provide maximum storage but take up minimal space. The roadie sits comfortably in the passenger footwell. 

Price: £200
Shop: Yeti

Gift ideas for car lovers: £300+

VBOX Sport Performance Meter

VBOX Sport Performance Meter

With knowledge comes speed! The VBOX Sport meter allows drivers to instantly analyse and improve their performance on track. 

Price: £390
Shop: VBOXMotorsport

Phil Price Rally School - 1 Day Intense Course

An action-packed day ripping a Subaru Impreza around actual forest stages, which includes the 'ride of a lifetime'. The perfect gift for any Carlos Sainz or Colin McRae fan. 

Price: £399
Shop: Phil Price Rally School

Go Pro Hero 9 Bundle

Go Pro Hero 9 bundle

Essential kit for any Track day lover or Racing driver to capture the action on circuit. 

Price: £329.98
Shop: GoPro

911 Wireless Speaker

Porsche 911 Wireless Speaker

Nothing beats the sound of , but the sound of your favourite tunes blasting from an original 911 GT3 exhaust-pipe has got to come a close second!

Price: £330
Shop: Porsche

PerformanceBox GPS Performance Meter

GPS Performance Meter Car Gift

For the love of track days. This GPS based performance meter by Racelogic is the perfect track day partner for drivers looking to improve their performance understanding.

Price: £270
Shop: VBOX


MHD Watch Gift Ideas for Car enthusiasts

Finely tuned, highly engineered and expertly crafted, cars and watches have always had a symbiotic relationship. Very few watches, however, can claim to be designed by a car designer. Automotive Designer, Matthew Humphries, combined his keen eye with his passion for watches to create a stunning collection of automotive timepieces.

Price: £345
Shop: MHD Watches

Car Club Performance Driver 'Track' Day 

car club track day driving gift
The perfect introduction to CAT's unique training style. A place with 5 other enthusiasts provides a full days experience. Our car clubs have been enjoyed by hundreds of individuals from numerous car clubs and forums. Modelled on attendance at track days, the itinerary is an advanced driving course giving an introduction into performance driving for road or track. Attendees benefit from 1 hour 40 minutes driving time across the day with their dedicated instructor.

Read more about the Car Club day here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Jo or Lynne to organise your Car Club Gift Pack. 

Price: From £485
Email Us

The Ultimate Driving Course

Mustang performance driving gift experience
Of course, we couldn't create a gift for car lovers without including the best one of all! Make this Christmas extra special. All drivers with a passion for the road, track or race will benefit from our unrivalled driver training at our unique venue - UTAC Millbrook, (formerly known as Millbrook Proving Ground) in Bedfordshire. The best driving gift your money can buy. Choose between a Driving Gift Voucher that can be used towards the course of the recipient's choosing or a bespoke Driving Gift Course pack. Find out more here or get in touch with Jo or Lynne and discuss what options best suit the car lover in your life in a format that suits your budget.

Price: Starting from £795 for a day on the public highway
Email Us

We hope this gift guide has provided some inspiration. Please get in touch to recommend any car gift ideas you think we should include. Happy shopping!

Please note that the prices listed were correct at the time this article was updated in June 2023.


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