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Posted: June 2, 2016

Project the excellence of your business through our business. Our corporate driving days provide you with the opportunity to explore and nurture new business, maintain close working relationships with existing clients and promote sales and services – all during your exclusive and exceptionally hosted event. Enjoy quality time while driving and over your personal lunch. Invite key decision makers to a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

And that's just the start! Our new corporate brochure is now officially launched and what's more it's 'green' ... our digital brochure is available on the internet for you to read whenever you need to refer to it. No print or postage costs, the digital brochure is an environmental way to promote our corporate offering. Group sizes are small with a maximum number of 18 participants. Prices start from £195 per person. Within the brochure are examples of popular group days which have been used for incentives, entertainment, training, team building as well as just for a fun but educational reward.

Please take 5 minutes to have a look at our brochure - linked via the brochure icon above. Whether you have the need now or might have in the future, please keep the information on file ready for when you do.

If you know of anyone who organises or receives corporate events please send the link to them for their reference. All referrals will be respected and dealt with to the CAT office standard.

Petrolhead Nirvana

We're very excited to announce that we are now partners to Petrolhead Nirvana - "a community borne out of an amazing enthusiasm and gut wrenching passion for cars and driving ". Petrolhead Nirvana organise driving tours (both in europe, the UK, US and as far as Australia), events and are building a network of experts within the automotive industry to benefit members in all sorts of ways. The only criteria for joining is that you must be a true enthusiast. If you fit in with that and I'm sure you do, then check out the forum if you haven't come across it before and introduce yourself. There are very friendly, sociable monthly meets at the Ace Cafe where you can get to see some exotic machinery, meet fellow enthusiasts and hear all about the latest driving tour experience.


Colin has taken delivery of the Racelogic Video VBox Lite system and spent a few enjoyable track days testing out the system at Silverstone and Donington. This system provides an exhaustive array of data to analyse every press of the brake and accelerator pedals. Comparative laps became very competitive between Colin and ex-Porsche racing driver David Alstadter, as the purpose of understanding the system gave way to testing out who could drive the fastest lines between them. An excellent system which will be coming into use across the CAT fleet and training offering in the coming months. If you are interested in purchasing the Racelogic Video VBox system please contact Jo or Denise for more information.

Our Corporate Partners

The team at provide exemplary service when you or your guests need to get from A to B. Our corporate and overseas clients rely on Martin's team of professional chauffeurs to bring them to our training events relaxed and on time. When you need the same, CAT recommends, call 0800 0887323 to discuss your unique journey.

Insurance plays a vital part of our everyday lives, protecting us from the risks faced in business and for pleasure. CAT partners with Competition Car Insurance to provide you with the best service, value for money and product offering covering all your needs, including your 4 wheels. When clients are using their own cars at Millbrook, CCI gives peace of mind. Call 0844 8921967 for your quote as required.

When you are looking to give your brand a hand, contact Avant Garde. For friendly, personal and customer focused service, Trisha & Melvyn deliver a cost effective solution to your promotional needs. Visit their website or give them a call 0800 0837767.

Our popular Group Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling Course is taking place on Sunday 17th October for the GTROC. There is 1 place of the 4 available. Places are £295 and the course lasts 5.5 hours with lunch provided plus a bottle of Champagne for the Drifting God of the day. Contact Jo if you would like to join the group.

CJV Digital are the company behind the transformation of our corporate brochure from pdf to digital format. Andy Cummins will be delighted to take you through the merits of using this technology to enhance your marketing efforts.

"A truly exhilarating & memorable experience. It exceeded my expectations & has enabled me to gain far greater enjoyment & pleasure from driving performance sports cars." Kerry Thompson.

Congratulations to Malcolm Elliott for knowing where the sign can be seen that we featured in our competition last month. It is found within Millbrook at the end of the Mile Straight.

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