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Posted: October 21, 2022 Read time: 3 mins

​The Brief

A super fun day out for 8 employees that will improve their confidence in driving (they spend lots of time on the road)

What did they do?

The Road Level 3 course – Advanced Performance (learn more). A great foundation format, exploring a vehicles handling characteristics, while building your core knowledge and technique, focusing on safety. Time in the skid car was included for exploration of driving in the wet, ice and snow, with delegates enjoying the opportunity to drive different manual and automatic cars in the CAT fleet.

GR Yaris on Alpine Circuit Corporate Driving Day

Post training conclusion

“One of our biggest risks is driving so the main reason for us to book the course was to look to reduce that risk. ​​With the amount of driving that everyone does it is almost inevitable that something will go wrong, having the opportunity to practise the skills you need when this happens will turn an accident into a near miss. This was exactly what we got from the course, we now have a better understanding of how a car works, how it behaves in these conditions and most importantly what we can do to improve the situation. A number of the team had long term fears completely resolved and left with a newfound confidence behind the wheel.” Dave Keir, Head of Operations – ​​Oxygen Conservation

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