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Posted: September 29, 2021 Read time: 5 mins

Motorists are being urged not to panic buy fuel as 1000's of petrol stations across the UK run out. The country has been assured that there is no fuel shortage, simply a huge increase in demand.  Due to the sheer number of petrol stations that were left dry over this last week, there is now huge pressure to re-stock.

As Boris Johnson urges drivers to “go about their business in the normal way", many are concerned about running out of fuel and the implications this will have on their daily life. 

To get the most out of every mile, there are ways to improve your fuel efficiency using driving techniques and vehicle maintenance.

BBC Radio One asked CAT for our top fuel saving tips to share with their Newsbeat listeners in the feature covering the supply issues on Monday 27th September 2021. Here's the top four fuel-saving tips Senior CAT Instructor Paul Millbank shared in audible and written form.  

Fuel Saving Tips

#1 Drive Smoothly: Limit Point Driving

This requires the driver to look ahead to the furthest distance on the road, whilst scanning back, regularly and effectively. Looking ahead to anticipate slowing traffic or hazards in the distance, allows you to ease off the gas early. Making space for other road users, gives you plenty of time to slow down early, whilst also avoiding the unnecessary braking, which burns excess fuel. This technique used consistently, saves a noticeable amount of fuel.

#2 Keep Speed & Revs Low

Driving at both high speed and in high revs drastically increases fuel consumption. Not only is driving over the speed limit dangerous, but a car driving at 75 mph uses 18% more fuel than at 60mph. Similarly, when changing gear, drivers who shift at 2,500 rpm, rather than 3,000 rpm, can enjoy a 15% fuel saving. 

#3 Avoid Unnecessary Gear Changes

Just as high revs burn fuel, so does changing gear unnecessarily. Each time you put the clutch in, you're causing the engine to use fuel which is an unnecessary fuel burn. There's a massive fuel saving to be had, by minimising gear changing - keep practising every journey. By focusing on your driving and rehearsing this on a regular basis, it not only keeps you safe on the roads, but you can expect to save quite a few pounds a week.

#4 Tyre Pressure

A simple yet important check that could save lives as well as reduce your fuel consumption. Driving on tyres that are underinflated is not only dangerous, but it also increases your fuel consumption. Tyres that are underinflated by 14 psi (1 bar) can increase fuel consumption by 1 full tank a year. An incorrectly inflated tyre creates less friction on the road, which can not only lead to poor handling, but more importantly, your tyres are less effective at braking. Regularly checking your tyre pressure will extend the life of your tyres, keeping you and other road users safe - all while improving your fuel efficiency.

You can find the correct tyre pressure for your car in your vehicle handbook.


We hope these tips were useful, happy motoring.

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