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Colin Hoad, Founder & Chief Instructor at CAT Driver Training, has spent over 30 years in the specialist motor industry. Motor racing at the age of 18 he enjoyed a rewarding career in motorsport preparation and management. He then moved into the vehicle evaluation and driver training industry with a major Japanese motor manufacturer.

Teaching industry standard advanced driving techniques both on the road and Proving Ground Colin has enjoyed working throughout the UK and extensively in Europe. The Lausitz Ring race and test track in Eastern Germany as well as the Infamous Nurburgring (Nordschleife) are particular favourites.



“My interest in cars goes back to my early childhood. A keen reader of the Motoring News at the age of 8 I have followed motor racing and the development of the motor car since I can remember. Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda were my school boy heroes – football and cricket did not stir the blood in the same way as a glimmer of a racing car in a magazine, or the sighting of a Porsche on the road. Funded by the Rolls Royce Apprentice Association, I began motor racing at the age of 18. The seeds of motorsport had been sown.

My engineering apprenticeship completed with Rolls Royce, I left the engineering excellence of the jet engine manufacturer to work for a small Porsche specialist - Autofarm in Bucks. Although a small concern at the time, I felt at home working with a group of true enthusiasts who shared my interests and passions. My career in the sports car world had begun. So it was with the benefit of 31 years in the world of engineering and motorsport that I created CAT Driver Training.

Now nearly 20 years on, at the start of every training activity, I find myself as excited & enthusiastic as that first day in 2005.  Sitting in the training vehicle, I look forward to sharing my passion, pride and dedication to your learning experience with you.”

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  • A Grade (no drop scores) Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor
  • A Grade (no drop scores) Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Fleet Trainer
  • BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development
  • Driver Psychology & Behaviour 2 day Study with Dr Lisa Dorn at Cranfield University
  • Member ROSPA Advanced Motorists Gold Award
  • Member Institute Advanced Motorist
  • Pass Plus Registered Instructor
  • Motor manufacturer trained driver trainer D2, D1, C2, C1, B2, B1 & A2
  • Motor manufacturer trained vehicle evaluator
  • Motor manufacturer trained Nordschleife vehicle evaluator
  • WATA Risk Assessment Principles & Practice
  • UTAC permit holder (Millbrook)
  • Member Driving Instructors Association
  • Member Motor Schools Association
  • Motorsport UK Member & National “A” ARDS Licence holder
  • Full motorbike license held
  • Rolls Royce trained Engineer
  • Race engineer 40+ years experience
  • British Off Road Driving Association Approved Trainer (BORDA)
  • SKID Car Instructor (Authorised by Skid Car UK)

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