Core Skills

What do you drive?

Discover the nuances of your chosen marque. Engine location, drive train and shift type necessitate subtle adjustments to driving technique to optimise speed, safety and driving pleasure. You’ll learn the how and why through advanced driver training on the road.

What are your driving objectives?

Your answers will form your foundation stones. Exploring precision advanced driving techniques to ensure you extract every last ounce of driving pleasure from each and every journey in safety, with optimum pace, your dedicated instructor will coach and teach to your needs, objectives and learning outcomes.

On Road advanced driver training transforms your driving journey from the moment you arrive. Explore unforgettable advanced driving skills and knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Advanced Driver Training for the road

  • Safety Critical Vehicle Checks
  • Optimised seating position for comfort and safety
  • Cornering process (6 Sections, it can be 9 with further training)
  • Minimized control inputs
  • Optimising tyre grip and platform balance
  • Forward planning
  • Observation and focal point
  • Steering & Braking techniques
  • Escape routes and safety zones
  • Observation Links
  • Concentration and emotional management
  • Anticipation and Observation
  • Management of fellow road users
  • Enjoying every moment in the car

Discover all you can learn in one day with advanced driver training on the road.

Advanced Driver Training for the Road
Duration: 8 hours
No. of Trainees: 1
Location: Public Highway/Motorways, A & B Roads in Beds/Bucks/Herts/Northants
Price: £495 using your car £750 using a CAT vehicle (Mondeo/BMW)
Lunch and refreshments included plus your own personal copy of the Highway Code & Roadcraft – the advanced driving manual

Contact Jo and Lynne to discuss your objectives and book your bespoke advanced driver training course: 01234 757633

Discounts apply for a two day advanced driver training programme: Core Skills & Advanced Control or Core Skills & Performance Driver


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