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Posted: January 8, 2022

Individuals learn in different styles – some of us are visual learners, others by hearing, some prefer reading and others kinaesthetically. As expert coaches we know this and adapt our style to meet your preferred learning. A demonstration of technique is therefore imperative for visual learners, and is combined as a track tour for risk assessment and safety - our number 1 priority. A CAT specific stand out activity before your bespoke training course begins.

How hard does your car work?

Ferrari 458 SpecialeA customer’s Ferrari 458 Speciale

For many, your car is your pride and joy and may be a serious investment, a realised childhood dream, a long saved for purchase, or first ever performance, track or supercar. There can be a misconception that training activities will create high wear on consumable items such as brake pads, discs, tyres, engine/gearbox oils and fluids.

With CAT at UTAC's Millbrook Proving Ground on our unique and full-day bespoke Performance Driver Course, tyre wear has repeatedly been measured at 0.5-1mm. Depending on your specific learning objectives, driving miles covered is typically 50-120 miles. You could spend more time on braking technique on the Mile Straight (relatively low speed and miles covered), or increased lapping on the High Speed Circuit (greater mileage covered) as examples. Short runs working through technique exploration are paused by briefings and discussion, allowing rest for the driver and cooling time for your car.

What about on a track day?

You would typically expect to drive an average of 150-200 miles on a track day at a race circuit. The wear rate is significantly higher in this environment due to heat build up and is compared as 100 miles of track driving being equal to 1000 miles road driving.

And Over Grip Exploration?

This is the one activity that does create high wear rates to tyres and potential mechanical malfunction. Our authoritative recommendation – use our lightweight Caterham - prepared to withstand the abuse the learning process demands for this and drift training. Once core skills are in place, sessions in your own car on a wetted circuit are introduced as the risk and wear rates are now significantly reduced.

This is a really well thought out and comprehensive training experience. It is pitched just right and I came away feeling I had really gained something. Colin is a patient instructor and gets both the theoretical and practical aspects of the training across very well.

Pat Symonds ex CTO of F1 Williams  

Other than having fun – why use our track prepared Clio RS?

Clio Cup Track Prepared - Roll CageThe CAT Renault Clio RS

When racing and motor industry clients need to develop their technique and confidence driving over the limit of adhesion, the injury risk must be mitigated in the event of any accident. As well as for speed, our Clio RS has been modified for safety: half roll cage; race seats; harnesses; and fire extinguisher provide the highest protection in case of any incident. The correct driver training tool for the job provided by CAT – an obvious expectation for you, our valued clients.

Yet again exceed all expectations. I've learnt so much on every occasion and this is my third visit! Colin is brilliant at teaching you what needs to improve but most importantly how to apply it in a very short period of time. Millbrook remains a great venue to attend the course with a huge variety to learn from. The understanding of the limit of adhesion in the CAT Subaru and then applying them to my car was priceless! Colin has once again given me the confidence to enjoy even more of my car and its 740BHP on track and the road!!! Thank you, Colin and your Team... See you again soon.


Having different vehicle configurations also allows engineers and evaluators from the motor industry to experience their handling based on their test and development projects. The current CAT fleet includes front engine front wheel drive, front engine rear wheel drive and front engine four wheel drive.

car handling on the high speed bowl 1

Final thoughts

For your tailored session, our recommendation is always to use your own car as this is where you will utilise your new found skills to bond with your car. If you have any reservations you have the option to decide on your car or ours once arrived at UTAC, or to use ours throughout. It’s about giving you a choice and the best customer service possible. Another CAT stand out.

We've just got home from a day of driver training with Paul. What a great day. He showed us how to drive more smoothly, more safely and more consistently. I have so much more confidence in my ability, and I trust my car a whole lot more after learning it's limits in a safe environment, and discovering what happens when I exceed those limits. Awesome day, thank you so much!

Vicki Margetson   


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Clio Photo Credit: MSV Photography by Lee Marshall

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