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Defensive Driving – Car Control for the Road

In our continued quest to see our customers and followers develop their driving skill, technique and knowledge, we are heading to the public highway, ... Read more

Are Porsches expensive to maintain?

Guest Blog by Greig Daly – Sales & Marketing Director, RPM Technik Over the last 18 years as an independent Porsche specialist, we have enjoyed ... Read more

Christmas gift ideas for car lovers – the definitive 2019 guide

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The Christmas adverts are making the rounds and I’ve already heard ‘All I Want For Christmas Is ... Read more

From Engineer to Racing Driver | Part One

Is it possible to take an engineer test evaluator and turn him into a racing driver? A first race “Rabbit in the Headlights” perspective. 28th April ... Read more

From Engineer to Racing Driver | Part Two

“You can train till you’re blue in the face and have a totally empty wallet, but until you’ve faced popping out of the pit ... Read more

Pioneering new Autonomous Driver Training course is shortlisted for the TaaS Technology Awards

Motor industry driver training company CAT Driver Training has received recognition for their world first, independent Autonomous Safety Driver and Operator Training course. Following ... Read more

The art of dynamic driving

Over the last 10 years “Dynamic Driving” has become the halo phrase for driver coaching and the training industry. Companies looking to attract your ... Read more

World’s first independent autonomous safety driver training course receives official accreditation

Accreditation of the new autonomous safety driver training course, launched in November last year, coincides with the government’s recent update to the  Code of ... Read more

Track Day Noise Limit Guide

From my earliest memories, the noise of a sports car has excited me and driven my passion for driving. Sadly for us petrolheads, noise ... Read more

Aspiring female racing driver dares to be different

PRESS RELEASE Motorsport enthusiast Jennifer Marr is challenging convention by embarking upon a racing career at 35 years young. After recently obtaining her ARDS National B ... Read more

The Inner Secrets of Car Control on Circuit – Part 2

Colin Hoad, Chief Instructor of CAT Driver Training, continues his series on Car Control. Here he interrogates his own inner thoughts and secrets for every ... Read more


If you have trained with CAT before, or follow us on social media, you are probably aware that we are geeks when it comes ... Read more

The Secrets of Car Control – Part 1

Car Control – do you have it? Do we all know what it is? The phrase is habitually used amongst driving enthusiasts. Yet after ... Read more

The fast track on data logging apps

Once you have the track bug, perfecting the optimum lap and most efficient racing line can become an obsession! Whether you are new to ... Read more

Why Does CAT have a car fleet? / Your Car or Ours?

Individuals learn in different styles – some of us are visual learners, others by hearing, some prefer reading and others kinaesthetically. As expert coaches ... Read more

Will we see driverless cars on our roads this lifetime?

As our series of blog posts covering driverless cars draws to a close, I thought this was a fitting question to explore. In order ... Read more

Driverless Vehicles – Why some vehicle manufacturers are bypassing level 3 autonomy

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you may remember last month we looked at the 5 levels of autonomy in driverless vehicles. ... Read more

The 5 Levels of Autonomous Vehicles

If you follow our social media feeds you may have noticed recently, the occasional post on autonomous vehicles. Now it may not be a ... Read more

Repetition Repetition Repetition – Practice Makes Permanent

How repetition helps you to master a driving process If you’re a fan of any kind of motorsport (which I Imagine you probably are if ... Read more

Two Defensive driving techniques that could save your life

Mention the term defensive driving and for many people, it conjures up an image of a man in a black suit and shades j-turning ... Read more

Limited slip differentials

Limited slip differentials – How do they work and why do I need to fit one for track days? If you’re a fan of motoring ... Read more

Winter tyres – You Decide

Winter tyres – an unnecessary expense or an essential part of the winter driving tool kit? Now I know that it seems like only yesterday ... Read more

Do you need to get your hands on a FHR or HANS Device?

Over the last few months, more and more of our customers have been asking about the use of HANS devices and so we thought ... Read more

The effects of dehydration on driving ability.

As I am writing this, it’s a barmy 27 degrees and I know in some parts of the country it’s even hotter. But the ... Read more

Motorway breakdowns – How to avoid being “that car” on the hard shoulder

You might have been cruising along in the outside lane of the motorway, or perhaps crawling along in what seemed like an endless traffic ... Read more

Considerations for Wet Track Days

Wet weather driving opens up a whole new world of risk for the ordinary road driver leading to lower speeds, greater stopping distances and ... Read more

It’s all in the clutch…

Outside of “Mr Clutch” you’ll be hard pressed to find a person, or group of people that spend a great deal of time thinking ... Read more

10 Essential Things You Need to Take on a Track Day

You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks and today’s the day. You’re off to the track to embrace the racer within. Hopefully you’ll ... Read more

Everything you need to know about brakes and track days

If you’re even slightly into cars, automotive engineering, track days or motor racing – you’ll know that not all brake systems on cars are ... Read more

A TRUSTPILOT Review of CAT Driver Training

See original here Below you’ll find a copy of one of many excellent, 5-star reviews we receive through the TRUSTPILOT website. To book a session ... Read more

Core Skills – Dissecting the Corner & Grip Limit Signals

Improving your cornering ability on the racetrack can transform you from being an ordinary, middle of the pack racer into one of the front ... Read more

Bringing Discipline & Self Control into Your Driver Skill Set

If you’ve ever been to IKEA, the chances are you’ve walked past that big Perspex box containing a recliner chair. There’s a big counter ... Read more

Tyre Pressure Track Day Guide

If you want to get the maximum enjoyment and best times on your track days, a simple and effective place to start (outside of ... Read more

Going beyond the grip limit – Understeer vs Oversteer

If you want to become a great track day or race driver, one of the core skills you’ll need to learn is how to ... Read more

Our top 5 tips for safe driving

There’s been a lot in the press recently about the progression of driverless cars and how they will virtually eliminate the possibility of accidents ... Read more

How your emotions affect your ability to drive at your optimum

“My steering follows my eyes” – a statement I am confident to say cannot be challenged. How can I be so sure? I have ... Read more

The risks of soft top vehicles – on the road and on the track / proving ground

We recently took a call in the CAT office from a client who wanted to share his experience with us for the benefit of ... Read more

New considerations for software and electronic companies working in the automotive sector…

It’s hard to even imagine now, that there was a time when cars contained no electronics, no software and no computing power whatsoever and ... Read more

A day with Colin Hoad and his company, CAT Driver Training.

I’m not a great driver, I’m barely average in fact but like many blokes, fast cars that outstrip my talent hold a strong and ... Read more

Has the golden age of formula 1 seen the chequered flag?

As Formula 1 made it’s penultimate stop before the Summer break last weekend, I can’t help questioning whether I’m going to miss it. Last ... Read more

Posts from our readers – That Competitive Streak

If you have an interest in cars / driving / motorsport and would like to write a future post for CAT Driver Training, get ... Read more

The business case for advanced driver training in your organisation

Whether you have one employee or 10,000 employees with access to a company car (or a vehicle purchased or leased through a car allowance ... Read more

Are your wheels pointing in the right direction?

If you’re serious about racing and looking to get the absolute maximum out of your car on a track/race day, making sure your front ... Read more

CAT Driver Training – A track day novice course review

They say the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know… and that’s very true (in a positive way) of my experience ... Read more

Austin A35 HRDC Academy

Our Austin A35 Academy car has dipped its toe in the world of circuit racing. I thought it time for an update. We finished the ... Read more

A drivers review on a CAT car club group training day

Nissansportz Forum Member Lesmo Reflects on his Performance Driver ‘Track’ Day on Sunday 30th August 2015 I will start by saying I don’t want to ... Read more

Race Fit?

When a few seconds can cost you a place on the podium, everything counts! You may instinctively try to tweak the car’s ... Read more

To Car Wrap or Not? One clients experience shared.

Think before you wrap! – A horror story by David Raeburn (and I am not alone) I am not sure if it was Mario Ballotelli’s ... Read more

Race Report – Oulton Park – Fun Cup – April 2014

That Wasn’t on the Plan! Despite a heavy impact on Friday, we qualified on time and raced competitively on Saturday.  In ... Read more

Fun Cup Mid-Season Update

Thank you to all our clients & friends who have been following our Fun Cup journey, as our 3 rookie drivers negotiate ... Read more

Rookie Racing Reflections

Fun Cup – 2013 As some of you know, I’ve fulfilled a lifelong ambition this year and started racing. I’ve always been into cars but ... Read more

Oh dear, are we growing old disgracefully?

A story shared with you by Jerry Burgoyne ………. A few years ago my partner, best friend, soul mate and lover noticed a ... Read more

Wow! Where did the weekend go?

From the Team Manager’s seat the whole weekend was one roaring success.  What in September was a nucleus of an idea, ... Read more

It’s All in the Preparation

It’s been a busy week.  The weather got the better of our plans due to icy run off areas so our proposed ... Read more

Every Freezing Cloud

Tuesday gutted…………………… Donington gets cancelled and with it another needed day of seat time. The team managed to secure Bruntingthorpe for the same day, ... Read more

Team CAT Driver Training – First Drives

Very exciting day yesterday – our first chance to drive car 169 on circuit at good pace.  A big thank you to Chris ... Read more

Driving the Nurburgring in the Wet

Original article written by Chief Instructor Colin Hoad for Introduction Colin Hoad is a motor industry driver trainer and has been visiting the Nordschleife for ... Read more

Road Test for Vehicle: S Max Focus 2Lt. Diesel Titanium

Client: Business to Business MK The last Ford Escort rolled off the assembly line at the end of the nineties – ... Read more

Road Test for Vehicle: BMW 320D M Sport

Client: Business to Business I’m day dreaming which is not good, as I am about to climb into a BMW 320D M ... Read more

Road Test for Vehicle: Saab Aero 93 TTID

Client: Business MK I would have to go back to the 80’s for my last performance Saab experience: the 900 Turbo. ... Read more

A Look into the World of Driving for Work

An Introduction to Driver Training for the uninitiated Employee & Employer through CAT’s Eyes Who Might Be Interested? Fleet Managers; HR Departments; Health ... Read more


Publication: Total Magazine Article 2008 Let me ask you a question. How many times on the road or circuit have you attempted to ... Read more

Through the CAT’s Eyes

The beginnings of a strong relationship 2008 has been a great year for CAT Driver Training. Track and circuit tuition, our core business, ... Read more

Dissecting the Corner & Grip Limit Signals

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 Our last article found us exploring the concept of single input steering – minimising driver control inputs to ... Read more

Threshold Braking

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 The last area covered by Colin Hoad dealt with a systematic approach to cornering, exploring how subtle adjustments ... Read more

Active Driver Aids

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 Last issue Colin Hoad of CAT Driver Training covered Threshold and ABS braking techniques, discussing how small adjustments to your ... Read more

Threshold Braking – Trail Braking

An MLR Performance Driver ‘Track’ Day at Millbrook begins with an ABS braking exercise. Braking from high speed with the ABS activated ... Read more

Tyres and Tyre Pressures – Adjusting for track days

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 Over previous issues we have been focusing on driving technique – relating our driving inputs to the dynamic ... Read more

Corner Entry Speed

Publication: Total Magazine Article 2009 The summer is a busy time for us at CAT, lots of track day and race tuition. With ... Read more


Have you ever considered where you are looking when driving on circuit? I am looking at the road ahead I hear you all shout, ... Read more

Clutchless Gear Shifting – Ask the Experts

For the past few months I’ve been shifting gears without using the clutch – just for the challenge. I never grind the ... Read more

Understeer & Oversteer Correction

Have you driven the “Ring” in November? I’ve recently returned from a wet and wintery 4 day visit, honing my grip limit driving and ... Read more

Gas Pedal

Millbrook training days promote safe driving techniques for road and circuit. This year CAT travelled north of the border for an MLR ... Read more

Shoot Out Summary

What a great event. Give a competitive driver a race car and he or she will invariably want to adjust its dynamic ... Read more

Ferrari Enzo or Porsche Carrera GT? You Decide!

How many times have you driven 2 iconic super cars at grip limit on circuit in one day? Not had the pleasure? ... Read more

CAT Goes Digital!

Project the excellence of your business through our business. Our corporate driving days provide you with the opportunity to explore and nurture new business, ... Read more

Road Test for Vehicle: Freelander 2 TD4 Automatic

Client: Business to Business By coincidence I had recently been musing on the Land Rover Brand prior to collecting the Freelander 2 TD4 ... Read more

Nissan GTR R35 Review – What a Machine!

Having had over 60 Nissan GTR R35s and their owners through the door at Millbrook Proving Ground on training days in 2009-10, Colin Hoad, ... Read more

Road Test for Vehicle: 2Lt Volvo V70 SE Estate Diesel

Client: Business to Business There is an air of excitement in the writing of an article, an opportunity to experience a ... Read more


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