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Ice Driving – Extreme Car Control

Following CAT’s latest Ice Driving adventure in Sweden, we thought it was time to share our experiences & why Ice Driving is off the scale fun, whilst advancing your car control skills. If you are interested in going Ice Driving, you might wonder which provider to choose, the tyres you might drive on, the car […]

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Defensive Driving – Car Control for the Road

In our continued quest to see our customers and followers develop their driving skill, technique and knowledge, we are heading to the public highway, to travel through part 3 in our series about car control. It’s all about driving on public roads. And keeping safe. Catch up on the Car Control Series here… The Secrets […]

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Are Porsches expensive to maintain?

Guest Blog by Greig Daly – Sales & Marketing Director, RPM Technik Over the last 18 years as an independent Porsche specialist, we have enjoyed a constant flow of new customers into the business that are first time Porsche buyers. Personally, I find it an enjoyable part of the job, as we give people unbiased […]

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From Engineer to Racing Driver | Part One

Is it possible to take an engineer test evaluator and turn him into a racing driver? A first race “Rabbit in the Headlights” perspective. 28th April 2019 3:45pm live TV stream coverage: “Oo, someone’s, now… is he ok, has he had a fall? No… it’s just the sheer exhaustion, you can just see, bent over…. […]

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From Engineer to Racing Driver | Part Two

“You can train till you’re blue in the face and have a totally empty wallet, but until you’ve faced popping out of the pit lane into a live race situation, nothing can prepare you for it.” This is the second part of a two-part blog series.  Click Here to read Part One. Spending time with […]

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Pioneering new Autonomous Driver Training course is shortlisted for the TaaS Technology Awards

Motor industry driver training company CAT Driver Training has received recognition for their world first, independent Autonomous Safety Driver and Operator Training course. Following its recent accreditation, the course has now been shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Transportation as a Service (TaaS) Project’ as part of the TaaS Technology Awards. Sukhi Bhadal, TaaS Technology […]

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The art of dynamic driving

Over the last 10 years “Dynamic Driving” has become the halo phrase for driver coaching and the training industry. Companies looking to attract your attention and win your business will use the phrase in their title and throughout their course range – just as we do at CAT Driver Training. An exciting prospect for sure […]

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World’s first independent autonomous safety driver training course receives official accreditation

Accreditation of the new autonomous safety driver training course, launched in November last year, coincides with the government’s recent update to the  Code of Practice: Automated Vehicle Trialling. CAV developers require experience in the world of vehicle testing and evaluation driving to comply with the latest government advice. Whilst OEM’s and companies already established in […]

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Track Day Noise Limit Guide

From my earliest memories, the noise of a sports car has excited me and driven my passion for driving. Sadly for us petrolheads, noise pollution has become a hot topic. For this reason, UK circuits operate strict noise management policies, which vary by circuit and often by day. If you are planning your first track […]

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