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Posted: March 21, 2019 Read time: 5 Minutes

Accreditation of the new autonomous safety driver training course, launched in November last year, coincides with the government's recent update to the Code of Practice: Automated Vehicle Trialling.

CAV developers require experience in the world of vehicle testing and evaluation driving to comply with the latest government advice. Whilst OEM's and companies already established in the world of vehicle testing will, in the majority of instances, already comply, Start-ups and established technology companies not familiar with the ways of the motor industry may find themselves with a bridge to gap.

These strengthened Department for Transport guidelines reinforce the need to develop a detailed Safety Case before conducting trials, which includes safety driver or remote operator training. 4.14 of the Code states: 'Trialling organisations are expected to develop robust procedures to ensure the competency of safety drivers and operators.'

CAT Driver Training's innovative autonomous safety driver training course is the first of its kind and now the first to achieve official accreditation. Chief Instructor Colin Hoad said:

The course we have designed is unique, combining engineering knowledge with advanced defensive driving technique. Like CAT, many of the companies developing self-driving vehicles are independent. Their speciality lies in technology and AI, meaning developers will likely have had little or no experience testing within testbeds and test tracks.

CAT's newly accredited four-day course has been developed to support autonomous experts across a variety of fields, contributing to robust health and safety policy and procedure.

To help educate and inform road users, as well as providing assurance on the safety of trials, the Code strongly advises trialling organisations make their Safety Cases freely available to the public (3.10). It is clear while the government supports the rapid acceleration of automated vehicle trialling, the priority for organisations is to include robust safety measures, training programmes and risk assessments in order to test on the public highway.

Course creator, Colin Hoad adds:

We believe driving Intelligence is the missing piece of the self-driving puzzle. By uniting the testing and evaluation practices of today with vehicle dynamic driving principal; our training optimises existing CAV development projects to produce the most advanced driver of tomorrow.

The autonomous safety driver course is accredited at the Level 4 category (comparable with a 1st year Degree) with 3 vocational learning credits from OCN Credit4Learning. Qualification body OCN adds:

The panel discussed the programme and commended the writing and quality of thought and information in the course design. OCN look forward to working with CAT Driver Training Ltd.

Delegates taking the course will be trained and tested using a varied selection of driving scenarios and road networks on the public highway, along with five different circuits in UTAC's Millbrook Proving Ground. Written tests are included to confirm Highway Code and vehicle dynamics knowledge and learning outcomes.


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